Economist Kwame Pianim says one of the disincentive to doing business in the country to Ghana?s exorbitant freight cost regime.

takoradi port
takoradi port


?Ghana?s freight cost about 40% more than that of the UN and if you see successful countries like the US and China, they have one thing in common: labour, transportation that makes goods move around at a cheaper price,? Pianim said at the 3rd edition of the Ghana economic outlook and business strategy conference of 2015 held in Accra.

It was on the theme: ?Diversifying Ghana?s economy through sustained export trade.?
Pianim noted that to diversify Ghana?s economy through sustained export trade, there must be supportive infrastructure such as port facilities that must be used for trade rather than collecting revenue.

He said goods that arrive at Ghana’s ports must be cleared quickly and not allowed to be at the ports for weeks.

Pianim believes the situation could be reversed through reliable and competitive infrastructure.

The last year said the upgrading of infrastructure at Ghana?s ports made it easy for trading across borders.


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