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Positive Lesson For Ndigbo Part 2


The reactions from across the country especially the Yoruba?s to a simple memoir from our revered and internationally acclaimed literary giant, elder Chinua Achebe??is enough to task Igbo leaders to wear their red thinking caps , remove the feathers inserted on it and ask the following questions since every cat and mouse know that 42 years after genocide on the people of Biafra , :the war still rages??on.

1.How can the remnants feed herself in the event of another such aggressions on Biafans?


2.Since we are??obviously land locked , how can w open up ocean corridors for commercial sea ferry Uguta lake ,river?nigerand Azumiri river have such potential through dredging


3.Can our??current level of agricultural investment sustain our children??in the event of a likely hostility considering the fact that 95% of our current food intake comes from the axis of evil

I want to put it to all doubting Thomas that those who attempted that Genocide 42 years ago on?Biafra?are ready to do more than that again and we might not have the kind of??opportunity??these??humanitarian people of God gave to us then.

Canairelief made its first flight on Jan. 23, 1969 and its final trip on Jan 11, 1970. It completed 670 flights and delivered 11,000 tons of desperately needed food and medical supplies into the blockaded state of?Biafra. Churches, relief groups and a few volunteer agencies including an historic ecumenical? alliance of Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations bombarded?Ottawa?and raised the flag of famine. From the beginning, the indomitable and capable Ted Johnson was at the centre of it all and he made 10 harrowing and dangerous trips into?Biafra.

Four Canairelief crew members were killed when one of the Super Constellations crashed at Uli. A second plane was destroyed when it was bombed on the ground during the 20 minutes or so it took Biafran workers to unload the relief supplies for Caritas and the World Council of Churches, which ran the more than 2,000 feeding centres. JCA lost 25 pilots and crew to the guns and bombs of the Nigerian forces intent on enforcing the Biafran blockade. The Nigerian military government of the day refused steadfastly to allow relief flights or any other form of humanitarian aid into?Biafra. Despite JCA?s best efforts, it is estimated some 3 million Biafrans starved to death.

?Despite JCA?s best efforts, it is estimated some three million Biafran children starved to death. The world was shocked as stark pictures appeared on their television screens.

The late Steve Jobs , founder of Apple computers was a Christian boy at age 13 during the civil war in Nigeria? , he saw the horrific pictures of these Biafran??kwashiorkor ravaged children on the television and asked his pastor if God was aware of the plight of the malnourished children, his pastor answered in affirmative, there and then he denounced Christianity till his death
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