Nigeria Naira.Uba as he is fondly called struggled his way to the USA and like every immigrant, his dream was to find a greener pasture but little did he knew that there are also baggers in the streets in USA .He had to wait for his social security for a month plus, finding a job was a fight of the fittest but after four months of desperation, something happened.
While in Nigeria, Uba was an active member of the Christ Embassy but couldn’t find a close branch of the church which is scattered all over the world in Texas where he found a new life so he joined the deeper life bible church because it was his host’s denomination, he wasn’t all that active in the church. On the 2nd of March, the church had a special service and during one of the offering section, Uba purposely dropped one thousand naira bill into the offering basket.
After service and during the usual check, the money was discovered and the preceding pastor being a Nigerian, decided to see the person who gave that money as offering so all the members were alerted to identify which of them gave the offering, no one came up because to so many people, it was embarrassing. Mike, Uba’s host knew that it was Uba’s mess and advised him to let the pastor know that it was him and simply apologize of which Uba shamefully agreed.
On the 9th of March, he was called out to the altar to tell the entire congregation why he gave that money and this is his story…
I arrived in USA with the quest to find a better life and i had only $110 on me when i arrived in this county, my host, Mike who has been my childhood friend was actually the brain behind my coming to USA, he registered me for the USA visa lottery and when i won, he sponsored my trip because my people down in Nigeria could not afford even my bus ticket to Lagos where i boarded the plane to USA. I ran out of money because i am yet to find a work so last week during the special service, i had only 7 dollars left on me of which i gave 5 dollars during the first offering, i knew that the remaining 2 dollars will not carry me and asking Mike for money after all he has spent on me is one thing i find difficult to do so when Pastor talked about the church’s idea to raise money for the orphans in the church, i was touched and i wanted to give the remaining 2 dollars but because of the interview i had the next day,i decided not to but instead to give the last naira in my life. It was my grandma who gave me the money when i wanted to leave for Lagos so i refused to change it to dollars when i arrived in Lagos but instead i left it inside my Bible and my reason was to use it as an object of contact between me and my grandma because she is ailing, she is 79yrs and i don’t know if she will be alive before i ever make it in this country and visit Nigeria to at least clean her tears because she sacrificed a lot for me. My parents both died in a motor accident in 1987 so everything about my feeding and schooling from then was my grandma, she could not afford to cater for my secondary school so i dropped out after my JS 3 and learned auto mechanic, of which i perfected, i can repair any car even the new generation cars that comes with so many new technologies, i repair and service them, so many people that knows me believe that i studied mechanical engineering at the university, Mike will attest to this because i was the one who repaired his Nissan ZX when it developed fault during his last visit in Nigeria, not even the big companies could identify the problem but i did, ask him, he is here. ?I am sorry if i offended anyone by giving that money and i beg you all to forgive me, i will not do such a thing again.
The congregation were already in tears before Uba finished his story, people were moved by his action and that day took the entire congregation back to what the widow’s might was all about, Uba an orphan portrayed the window in the Bible. You see, said Pastor Ezekiah, “if it was in Nigeria and someone gave US$ as an offering in this form,the church will bless him and pray for him, brother Uba here has challenged us today and his action is godly and i bless him and pray that he will find his heart desires in this county and live the America Dream like the majority of us, his grandma will live to see his success in Jesus name i pray.
Amen shouted the tearful and happy congregation.
Uba left the church premises that day with ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash and SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS cheque. Mr. Davies,a ?member of the church who owns a reputable auto engineering firm offered him an automatic employment in his garage. And he is planning to visit Nigeria this coming Easter to visit his grandma and also to give her the birthday gift he got her.
Who says that Niara has no power?

Melvin Mobis


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