The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has noted with keen interest the political happenings in the world. We are particularly excited that voters in France made an emphatic rejection of the so-called two traditional political parties that have ruled the country since the days of Charles de Gaulle. We are happy the French have blazed the trail by not offering the Center right Republicans and the Center left Socialists the chance to be part of the second round elections to be held in two weeks time.

It is shocking to note that just as in 1 Samuel 15, God rejected Saul as King, voters in France have snubbed the country’s political establishment; voting, and supporting far-right populist Marine Le Pen and newcomer Emmanuel Macron through to the second round of the French presidential election. Is it not refreshing that neither candidate is a member of the old parties that have dominated the country for decades?

We wish to encourage Ghanaians to take inspiration from the bold decision of the French to retire the so-called dominant political parties for failing in recent years to deal with the challenges of France; including unemployment and a faltering economy. The reasons the French assigned for this political tsunami is much lighter than what we are encountering in Ghana. It is public knowledge that, because our leaders are not acting up, our problems have been exacerbated by corruption, illiteracy, poverty, overly centralized governance, etc.

Ghanaians must learn from best practices to save the country as major political parties all over the world are losing their dominance over politics, as smaller so-called fringe parties are gaining prominence. We cannot continue to keep rotating from bad to good, and vice versa when we know the PPP is the rising tide which will be lifting all boats; and stand as a positive alternative to the duopoly. At least we must recognize that nothing positive happens and endures.

We hope the people of Ghana are taking note of what citizens of other parts of the world have been doing to free themselves from their febrility, challenges and difficulties. This is why it is the considered opinion of the PPP that a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor and a burnt child dreads the fire.

Although the PPP did not win the 2016 election, we associate ourselves with the popular adage that “a flower blooms more than once”. Just as a wonder lasts but nine days, we are confident that the French experience talks to the danger of a duopoly and the commendable citizens’ courage to upset the tired “status quo” which has yielded no positive fruits.

Ghanaians must take note of the freshness and newness such courage brings and NOT be afraid of changing, when the time comes, their business as usual circumstances and achieve greater heights.

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