Human beings are naturally social beings, which mean that we are made by nature to interact with others on daily basis for most of our needs. Self isolation means that cutting oneself from social gatherings including; school, clubs, religious groupings, conferences etc

According to World Health Organization, “self-isolation…is the most effective way of preventing the coronavirus from spreading.” In light of this , most governments of the hard hit nations of the world have declared “locked down” of parts or the whole country as was declared by our president Friday night

Isolating oneself from these interactions and staying alone can be overwhelming and devastating unless you are an astronaut, it can have tremendous impact on the psychological wellbeing of the individual if not handled the right way.

In this article we share with you practical successful tips to make the most out of your self isolation.

Plan Your Day
Keep a routine and plan how you’ll spend your time. It might help to write this down on paper and put it on the wall. Try to follow your ordinary routine as closely as possible – go to bed at your usual time and set that alarm so you don’t over sleep.. The difference from a normal daily plan is limiting your movement to only your home. Incorporate daily routine activities such as cleaning the house, exercising, watching a movie, reading a book, playing a video game etc into your plan. you shouldn’t stick to only one thing as this can lead to obsession.

Learn a new skill
Being self isolated means that you have a lot of time all day for yourself. You can convert this time to something productive by learning a new skill. Thank God technology has made it possible to learn anything online. You can learn a new language, how to play an instrument or anything you have passion for. You can also make use of the opportunity to attend an online course in your field of study. A lot of packages have been made available for online tuition as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Engage in virtual Meetings
Self isolation does mean you should only be alone throughout all the time. You can engage in virtual social gatherings with your friends and family. Make use of online platforms such a Facbook video call, whatsapp video call among others to interact with others. .

Start Home Exercise
The need to keep your immune system strong and improving your general wellbeing cannot be left out during self isolation. There are a lot of exercises you can engage in to keep your system active; you can do pushups, sit ups, climbing stairs ( if you have one), yoga and many other exercises you can carry out whiles indoors

Public health officials also recommend staying at least 2m apart from others if you have to exercise outside your home and it should only be done once a day.

Keep up with Nature
Taking a walk around your house in the evenings or early mornings can be of great help to you. You can also open windows to allow some sun rays into your room so you can feel

Make Use of E commerce for your provisions
It is best to rely on online shops for your provisions so as to limit the number contacts you will have to make if you were to go to a supermarket. It is also recommended that you stay 2m apart from others if you have to visit the super markets, Pharmacy shops and other gatherings. Get as much provisions as possible to limit the number of times you visit the markets.

IN CONCLUSION, self isolation is not something anyone would willingly opt for but it has become imperative for us to do so for our own safety. Do well to comply and stay safe.



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