Praye Tiatia Reacts To War With Winner Of ‘Miss Goldenwood’ 2011 Story. He Says ‘90% Of The Story Is True But ..’!


Praye Tiatia and Selorm Gallery

In a story published last week captioned ‘Praye Tiatia At War With Selorm Galley, Winner Of ‘Miss Goldenwood’ 2011 & Talent Hunt!’, we revealed that Selorm Galley, winner of the maiden edition of ‘Miss Goldenwood & Talent Hunt’, a pageant organised to scout for young ladies with interest in acting is warming the bed of Praye Tiatia, a member of the Praye group.

Our investigations revealed many things that the public didn’t know about the rapper who does most of his rap in his mother tongue; Ewe and his girlfriend of four years.

Yesterday, GhanaCelebrities.Com chanced on the rapper who is also known as Big J, real name Steven Fiawoo.

The rapper denied many things in the story but admitted that 90% of the things said in the story are very true but …

Check out the excerpt below:

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Have you read the story yet?

Praye Tiatia: Yes I read the story briefly. A friend told me about it so I read it briefly but I think as a showbiz person … I’m much aware of stuffs like this and how journalist can blow stories out of proportion. So upon seeing [reading] it, I wasn’t quite happy because of how they made the story look alike. It was nothing close to that.

Yes it was true I was out of town; I came back after a week only to learn from the house that, she’s travelled. I enquired from a friend; I heard she’s gone to Nigeria. Straight ahead I knew it was the West Coast Entertainment Ghana Limited because I know they had a binding contract, so I went to their office.

Yes I went there alright. I went to the receptionist. I spoke with her and she made me know that, they have a production and they are on set, currently in Nigeria. So I demanded a number, an address, a contact address, phone number and she gave it to me. At the end of the day I don’t know where the stories are coming from.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: Are you dating Selorm Galley?

Praye Tiatia: Yes I’m dating her for like three years; we are heading towards four years.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: How is she taking the story?

Praye Tiatia: Obviously it’s a story that is … once her boyfriend is not quite happy, she will also be not quite happy…the story is a story that is saying something wrong about her boyfriend; definitely she would see everything wrong with it. So she’s trying to find solutions … because it’s her management that is involved and she would have to sit down with the management. Let’s see where the story was coming from, if it’s from the management then I think we would have to sit down because that is the promise she made me, that we would have to sit down and sort this thing out.

Because I personally don’t like the story. The story … 90% of the story is true but the other part of it that is making it untrue is the fact that I went to the office … to cause confusion … to make noise and all that.

Everybody know me in the society as Praye, I mean for seven years of being a showbiz person nothing of that sort, you’ve not even heard a single article that saying Praye has done this, i have gone to steal this … I have done that. So it’s looking quite irresponsible, like I’m an irresponsible … by I’m a honourable man, very faithful and generous man so this story is putting lots of black on my name.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: She will be going to South Africa. You want the company to put you on the trip. How true is that?

Praye Tiatia: She spoke about this South Africa thing and … in the midst of all this stories that have come up now … when she told me about the South Africa thing I mean… yet again, this story … I don’t know where this one too is coming from because she spoke about the South Africa thing that the management have a shoot, they have production in South Africa. After all this noise … it was just recently she told me that they have a production in South Africa. But there was nothing like I want to follow her to South Africa to be part of the shoot, there was nothing like that.

I also told her that, we [Praye] have a show in South Africa too but the date is somehow closer to her date because I think it’s going to be somewhere in February and mine too is like first or second week in March. So I thought it wise that definitely I’m going to see her. So if they are narrating this story … This is how sometimes they blow things out of proportion. She has a production in South Africa and I have a show in March.

I don’t know why a very normal human being or very normal man who is dating a girl that you love very much, I don’t see a reason why you support a girl; you actually pushed her to go for this competition. I have always try to urge her because I have seen the talent in her, she is a brilliant girl; she’s very intelligent and I always try to support her in this things … so why would the person try to contradict myself after she’s won something like this? I should be happy for her and give her all my support.

She has always wanted to be an actress, she always admired acting; she love acting so if a competition of this sort has been put together by West Coast, why me, as a showbiz person with all my experience in showbiz, why would I want to do to anything to jeopardise this whole thing to bring confusion here and there … so basically the long and short of it all is South Africa story is yet again is quite false, yes its true West Coast is taking her to South Africa for another production but I didn’t give them the option that unless they add me to the trip, she won’t go. There was anything like that.

GhanaCelebrities.Com: You just confirmed that 90% of the things in the story are true. What has the story done to your relationship? Has the story changed the way you look at her in the relationship? Has anything changed?

Praye Tiatia: Oh yea! Apart from the fact that I’m getting calls from my close friends, I mean showbiz friends, who are … i don’t know but some of them are  quite serious [offering] constructive suggestions, some of them too, I will just take it like they are making fun of me. You know with the fact that, why are you showcasing your girl now because she is an upcoming star and all that. That’s the bit of it that I didn’t like.

That’s the only thing that is making me now even not want to …when there is an important thing that I have to go with her, I’m contemplating if I have to go with her or not, especially with her car with all the plenty stickers, West Coast and her picture all over it, I will be contemplating whether I should go with her or not.  So someway somehow, it is in the positive direction and someway somehow it is in the negative direction. Please they should save me my marriage. [Uncontrollable laughter]

GhanaCelebrities.Com: You had me laughing. You know she is so new and she’s won a competition and there is attention all over on her, how are you feeling about it?

Praye Tiatia: [Laughing] Of course, I feel like Jay Z and Beyonce dating … because I mean two stars – she’s an upcoming star, I’m a superstar already you know, within a very short time, she’s going to be a very big star. From what I’m hearing from West Coast. I speak with the CEO and the director of West Coast, they are like good friends. If these people are my good friends, why would I even want to go ahead and do this?

Why would I go there and cause confusion? That is my problem. After she won I try to establish a very good relationship with the management and all that. I’m very happy that … I feel like her dreams has been fulfilled and I’m also happy that at least my work didn’t go in vain. I supported her in all her … and finally she’s been able to realise her dream. She’s always wanted to be an actress and she’s realising it.

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