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Presbyterian Church encourage Christians to spread the gospel in Ghanaian tradition

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The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Ramseyer Congregation, in the Eastern Region’s Nsukwao District, has encouraged Christians to spread the gospel in Ghanaian tradition.

In response, members of the congregation have begun to dress in traditional attire such as kente, smocks, and African prints with beaded ornaments to represent their cultures as they gather in unity, peace, and joy.
Along with music and dance, this was a way to promote the cultures of the Akans, Gas and Krobos, Ewes, and the people of northern Ghana.

As witnessed after last Sunday’s service, local drinks such as ‘Asaana,’ ‘Sobolo,’ ‘Lamogin,’ and Tigernut milk accompanied by ‘Agbelekaklo’ and ‘Kelewele’ were displayed and served to congregants.
Rev. George Bright Gyamfi, the Minister-in-Charge of the Ramseyer Congregation, expressed concern that European culture was gradually replacing Ghanaian culture, even in church.

“The Europeans introduced Christianity to Africa, but they also brought their culture. Their culture is slowly but surely eroding our culture”, “he observed.

Addressing the theme, “Propagating the gospel through our tradition,” he said Christians must understand that the African tradition ought to be upheld even in the spread of the gospel.
However, he noted that some Ghanaian traditions and customs that conflicted with the Christian faith, such as the pouring of libation, must be ignored.

Mrs Agnes Bright-Gyamfi, the Chairperson of the Traditional Sunday Committee, who described the joy and excitement of the congregants as supernatural, said the church recorded about seven guests who joined in “the fellowship with the Holy Spirit.”

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