President of Equatorial Guinea calls on African countries to help fight neo-colonialism


President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo on Thursday urged African nations to act together in fighting against neo-colonialism.

“In view of the fact that relations between Africa and its former administering powers continue to be dominated by neocolonialist attitudes, Equatorial Guinea and all of Africa must act on a common front to assume responsibility for resolving their own affairs, without the intervention of exogenous forces,” Obiang said in a televised address to the nation to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the independence of the Central African nation on Oct. 12.

“United firmly by the spirit of Pan-Africanism, our States, with the wealth of their natural resources, will be stronger and will have a consideration of respect and credibility in the world. We must reverse the current trend of relationships dominated by those who have a monopoly on the economy and the most advanced technologies,” he said, criticizing “unpatriotic” citizens of the country who continue to connive with some countries and international organizations “to change our political system by force.”

“Well, after concluding the process of liberation of our country, we have nothing pending to negotiate with the former colonial powers of Africa,” he said.

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