6/03/2012 – Every generation leaves its mark on the pages of history. Our generation would be remembered for many things especially ?People’s Power?. The Term Power until recently was vague and only exists on statues books.

My greatest wish and desire is to see all Ghanaians flourish in all spheres of their lives, be it socially, economically physically mentally, psychologically and more.

Despite all the resources we have, of which the privileged benefit from, we still have a surmountable amount of poverty, bad climate, social vices as in increased rate of teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, mass unemployment, homelessness, vehicle accidents, child sexual exploitation, child malnutrition, and what have you.

My burden is to contribute my quota to the progress of humanity regardless of race, religion colour or background which is the strong motive behind why i formed the organization World Ambassadors Of Hope Foundation – WAOH to be able to be a part of solving and help improve social issues in the society. It is a legacy my late parent left me (of which i started this humanitarian work informally since i was 8 years old). I am proud to dedicate today’s ceremony to them and the marginalized in the society. Now WAOH is spread in HAITI, Liberia, Ghana, and Sweden where the headquarters is based and in India. We have international recognition in the United Nations and European Union and glad tot share that i was graced with an award as a United Nation Peace Ambassador August 2008; I am however also referred to as an Ambassador of Hope. I am currently an elected substitute worker in the district municipal Assembly in Sweden.

Friends Of Aku – FOA was formed in 2009 by Richmond Ababio and Gyagbartey, who called me from Ghana in Sweden, expressing how they had found my contact on the internet and read about my hard work and concern not only towards Ghanaians but internationally. They expressed how they believed in my leadership qualities and wanted to support me to spread my goodwill deeds of HOPE in humanity. Now FOA has spread in about 6 regions in Ghana namely…

In summary of FOA’s objectives,
We want

-a better environmental measures to be taken and improved upon for our beloved Ghanaians

-a better security system for our beloved Ghanaians

-more jobs to be created for our beloved Ghanaians or a higher rate of employment for our beloved Ghanaians

-strengthen women empowerment and gender equality for all Ghanaians

In short we would continue to fight for social justice as in the fight against, poverty, fight for equality, global peace and justice. It is about time poverty and suffering among Ghanaians needs to be eradicated.

I urge us all to work together to contribute in our own small way towards the progress of humanity in one love, one unity, one progress, one hope.

We are moving strong than ever. Forwards Ever Backwards Never.

FOA has been supported by sympathizers and many others who believe in our good deeds for our beloved Ghanaians. Thank you all for all support.

By Ababaio Bosompem


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