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“Prestige” an iconic edifice to beautify Ghana’s Capital City


Ghana to have an iconic new edifice in the heart of Accra, christened “Prestige”. This magnificent structure is set to become a landmark attraction, adding to the beauty of the airport skyline and redefining luxury living in the capital city.

Prestige, which will be on 2.88 acres of land adjacent to the Airport Shell Fuel Station and directly opposite the Marina Mall, promises to be a game-changer in Ghana’s tourism industry, attracting high-end clientele and contributing significantly to the country’s tourism receipts.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled opulence, it is bound to set a new standard for luxury living in the region. The Prestige is expected to be a source of pride for the people of Ghana and a symbol of the country’s growing prosperity.

Speaking at the launch of the Prestige project at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, Nabil Al-Ahmad, the founder and Chairman of i2 Development, stated that modern, sustainable, plush offices, residential properties, and hotels near Kotoka International Airport, and indeed in major airports throughout Africa, cannot be overstated when it comes to the growth of tourism, aviation, and allied businesses.

These properties are critical in attracting and sustaining visitors, enabling travel, and promoting economic development.

The Prestige project’s location means all the best Accra has to offer leisure and business travelers are all a minute away.

From famed shopping Malls, restaurants, nightclubs, offices of major international companies operating in Ghana, and of course, the Kotoka International Airport are all within reach—in 60 seconds.

The project is expected to cater to the ultimate luxury living whether one opts for a studio, one or two-bedroom, or a penthouse.

The lush green spaces on the ground, on each of the levels, and the incorporation of sustainable open spaces as part of the Prestige, will create a luxury sanctuary within the city for residents and pleasure the eyes of beholders.

With the strong choice of renowned Michelleti and Co. as the general contractors, the quality of the project is never in doubt. Casa Trasacco is also the project partner and will add a touch of elegance, they have come to be known for, for each apartment curated within the Prestige.

The availability of sustainable accommodations near airports can attract environmentally conscious travelers.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for travelers, the presence of eco-friendly hotels and residences can provide a competitive advantage for airports and their associated travel markets.

Moreover, the construction of sustainable residences and hotels can stimulate economic growth by creating job opportunities in the construction, hospitality, and service sectors.

These developments can employ local communities, thereby supporting the overall aviation and travel markets.

In addition to economic benefits, sustainable accommodations can also improve the airport’s reputation and contribute to its corporate social responsibility efforts.

This can lead to increased stakeholder trust, positive media attention, and a strengthened overall brand image, attracting more airlines and businesses to operate within the airport’s vicinity.

According to i2 Development founder and Chairman Nabil Al-Ahmad, in a highly sought-after neighbourhood such as Airport City I, an investment in The Prestige project’s studio and 1-bedroom apartments – starting from 28 sqm to 77 sqm – can fetch owners between US$150 and US$200 per day.

The Minister for Works and Housing Hon. Francis Asenso-Boakye lauded i2 Development for the ground-breaking project they are undertaking; stressing that, the project would be a significant game-changer in the Real Estate sector.

According to him, the initiative has the potential to significantly contribute to economic growth.

This he said, his outfit is committed to creating a conducive environment to foster growth and development in the Real Estate sector.

In 2022, Ghana realized US$2billon in tourism revenue, with a projected end-year 2023 tourism revenue of US$ 3.4 billion.

Over half a million visitors have been recorded for the first half of this year by the tourism sector regulator, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA). The Authority projects a total arrival of 1.2 million by the end of the year.

The “Prestige” edifice is an emblematic structure that enhances the visual appeal of the airport skyline. It is a notable landmark that undoubtedly contributes to the aesthetic qualities of the airport environment.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/newsghana.com.gh

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