Pretty singer Rashelle Blue ready to put smiles on our faces




Ghana’s music industry is about to get spicy with the presence of sweet and talented ladies like Rachelle Blue.

Music lovers hardly enjoy songs from female musicians who are not just gifted with the talent but also has the appearance that can sell out any show.

So far so good, we have ladies like MzVee, Efya, Kaakie, Irene, Eazzy, Sista Afia, Noella Wiyaala?and the likes who are investing a lot of hardwork and other resources to keep the female music trend alive.

The new comer, Rashelle Blue has something new to add to what the pace setters have started.

According to Rashelle, she has encountered a lot in life since her days of teen and all she wants to accomplish in life is to sooth the pain of others and put smiles on their faces. This to her can be done by bringing out the God-giving talent within her.

Her words below….

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Trust yourself.”

Part of the nature of humankind is to misunderstand one another, with perceptions varying abstractly. We are such colorful creatures and are all individually unique. But everyone knows the message they intend to convey and the journey they have, and quite frankly, continue to embark on. So I want you to get to know me a little.
Let’s forget about Rashelle Blue for a second and talk about the girl next door, Rachel. Like most of you, I’ve had my struggles, my obstacles and hurdles. It’s part of the program and non of us are exempt. But with determination and God’s support I have always been able to push through and to swim back to the surface of the deep sea, saving myself from fatal suffocation. This is the power of never giving up. Even when it seemed as though there was no tomorrow, when I hit rock bottom, I searched for a resolution.
When I was little, I was a young girl with big dreams. And as I grew older, I made my way to go and grab those dreams. A 16 year old, who moved to London City on her own to study creative arts. At 19, I found my way to my home in Brooklyn, working every day. 3 years later I could hear London City calling my name once again, where I became a 2.1 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Media and Creative Industries. Of course, many personal obstacles additionally found their way into my life, making it difficult to breath at times, but in the midst of all of that music gave me oxygen, helped me survive, and never left my side. This is just for my #Blueberries to know me a little better, to understand me and to know that I am very likely to understand them, too.
I strive hard, always have and always will.
And that’s why I am excited to share with you what’s in my heart, through my music. There is so much I have to give and I?can’t wait to give it all- to you. If I can make you smile, soothe your pain or have you turn up, then I have accomplished it all
Rashelle Blue is currently signed under Point Blanc Music
Check out some of her pictures…AAA_9165 AAA_9031 AAA_9032 AAA_9055 AAA_9119
Source – Bossu Kule – GhJoy.Net


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