The Forum for Governance and Justice (FGJ) said it is delighted with the comments made by President Mills when he received the interim report of the EOCO investigation into the Woyome judgement debt payment.
The President has noted severally that he will not shield anyone found to have engaged in corrupt practices. The FGJ is confident that the President will do what he promised the good people when the Woyome issue came to public attention.
According to the EOCO report, Woyome did not and does not deserve the amounts he received from the state. The FGJ expects the state to retrieve what is due it back. As the report noted “…Mr Woyome put in a claim for an amount which by his own documentary submissions he was not entitled to. He manipulated documents and information and riding on the negligence (and/or complicity) of public officials, managed to receive money which he was clearly not entitled to…”
In a statement released by the group, it pointed out that, the report has indicted past and present government officials, and has exposed the central roles played by two senior public servants in facilitating this disturbing act of corruption against the state. The roles of the two senior public servants further suggest that this is not a partisan issue but a national issue.
First, Mr. Samuel Nerquaye-Tetteh, the Chief State Attorney in charge of the Woyome case admitted that he drafted all the letters, which Mrs Mould-Iddrisu sent to the Minister-MOFEP concerning the transactions leading to the payments to Mr. Woyome.
As the report states, Mr Nerquaye-Tetteh was the professional/technical person directly in charge of the case and he was the person who refused to go and defend the action. It is clear that his action was deliberate because the evidence as per the report confirmed that an amount of GH¢400,000.00 was paid to the wife of Mr. Nerquaye-Tetteh on June 16, 2011.
Second, Mr. Paul Asimenu, the Director- Legal of MOFEP wrote the opinion according to the report, which eventually led to the decision that Mr. Woyome was entitled to his claim. He admitted that he misled the Hon. AG. He also admitted that he went further to give personal advice to the AG on the correctness of the claim since it was based on international best practice.
FGJ said its position is that the reckless, unpatriotic and unprofessional public servants/officials, past and present, who intentionally or negligently through their actions or in-actions caused the nation millions in judgement debt be held personally liable and should be made to face the full force of the law.
The FGJ expects the ‘axe to fall where it may’ in the Woyome matter. It is based on this that they join millions of Ghanaians in expecting the President to take bold and decisive action on this issue in the national interest.


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