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Price of full mouth dental implants

Full mouth dental implants are an investment for many. This article has a quick breakdown of the costs involved.

Dental Implant

A dental implant is the most popular solution to missing teeth. Whether it is the upper or lower jaw, the implants can help replace both failing and missing teeth. Generally, implants act as a replacement for the teeth having cavities or gum-related issues. They are an artificial or false root placed into the jawbone through surgery. Speaking of full mouth dental implants, then they are a full-arch restoration treatment plan. To put it generally, they come with a high success rate and can last for decades if a proper aftercare is done.


How much should you expect to pay for full mouth dental implants?

When it comes to the average cost, it depends on a number of factors including but not limited to the type of material used. For example, an all on 4 acrylic implant will cost about $20,000 to $30,000.  On the other hand, porcelain ones cost between $25,000 and $30,000. As for the same-day implants, expect the overall price to be over $30,000.


Let’s now have a look at a breakdown.


– Consultation and assessment


There is always a consultation involved before a full mouth dental implant could get placed. It is to evaluate whether or not implants will prove to be the best option to replace the missing teeth. This will depend on the jawbone’s condition and whether or not there are any underlying issues requiring attention. At Dentakay, there are additional charges for a consultation and everyone gets to avail it for free.


– Imaging and scanning


The implant process consists of x-rays to figure out the appropriate placement of the dental implants. The dentist from these x-rays will gauge how healthy the jawbone is for the treatment. The cost of this can vary between $30 to $200, depending upon both the number and types of scans needed.


– Extractions


If there are any decayed or damaged teeth, they may need to be extracted in order to proceed smoothly with full mouth dental implants. While it is indeed a simple procedure, it can end up increasing the total cost of the entire procedure. To put it precisely, tooth extraction cost can vary from $80 to $650 each tooth. This cost also depends on the location of the tooth in addition to how complex the extraction. Also, it is important to note that surgical extractions in comparison to non-surgical ones are expensive.


– Abutment


Abutment piece is needed to be attached to the implants to hold the tooth in place once the installation is done. The piece goes on to each implant’s top to extend added support. The cost of the abutments can be $450 or more. To put it exactly, you will not need several abutments attached as with implants one might need only four. This helps in keeping the costs down.


– Bone grafts


To get full mouth dental implants, it is very crucial to have a healthy jawbone. This ensures that your implants stay in place. If your dentist comes across that you do not have one, he would prescribe you to get bone grafting done so as to add jawbone. The price may fall between $300  to $3,000 depending on where the material is coming from. However, synthetic bone material costs less as compared to the material that is taken from your body.


Dental Implant

– Material for dental implant


Titanium and zirconia are common materials used to make dental implants. The cost can fall between $1700 to $2000, depending upon the material chosen.


Who is a suitable candidate for full mouth dental implants?


On another note, patients should not take treatments as some miracle but rather should be realistic when it comes to expectations. Committing to a proper aftercare routine is very important during and after the treatment. This includes brushing and flossing twice a day and using an alcohol-free mouthwash. To fight discomfort, gargle with warm salt water and in case of pain, your dentist will definitely prescribe some over-the-counter painkillers.


In addition to this, make it a habit to go for regular follow-ups as well as full dental check-up on a time-to-time basis.


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