Nelson Mandela became president after South Africa's first democratic elections in April 1994
Nelson Mandela became president after South Africa’s first democratic elections in April 1994

In the entire? existence? of mankind, there is nothing,that has proved so difficult to find,like ideal leadership for the human society. It is for this reason that when this very? rare kind of? leaders come up ,especially? in a? part ?of? the? world notorious for unbelievable Governance? and leadership? problems,the whole world cannot help, but to give reverence to such uncommon human being.

Indeed, such was the life? and? leadership of? the? Great? man,Nelson? Madiba? Mandela,whose glorious life and demise is been celebrated by not only his family members or, the people? of? South? Africa and for that matter, continental? Africa,but? indeed, all the people of? the world, who? truly? know ?the? importance? of good leadership to? the ?peace? and? progress? of? the human? society.

I am by? this? referring? to the type of ?leadership? as epitomized by? the leadership style of the Great? Man,Nelson? Mandela.He provided? leadership? founded on? a very crucial attribute, that is hardly found with especially ,the people? and leadership of contemporary Africa,namely,selflessness.A man who gave his entire life particularly,the most exciting part,his youth, to the course? of? ensuring equality of all the people? of South Africa and the world at large.

It is great ?to be young, goes the popular saying,but Madiba found himself spending? twenty-seven years? of? this? great? moment? in the life of a man, in prison.He cherished the? larger? interest? of the people and deemed it? imperative, to sacrifice his personal? comfort? and the comfort? and happiness? of? few? friends? and? family? members for? the comfort? and happiness? of? all South? Africans.

What is even more astonishing, is his decision to hand over? power? to other ?equally deserving compatriots ,after? just? one term? of? enjoying? what? he spent? his entire? youthful life to achieve.What can be more amazing? than? such a precedence taking place ?on? a? continent? which has unpleasant history? of leaders? who commit unimaginable ?atrocities to? fellow? country men, in? order? to entrench? themselves? in? public? office.

It? is? not? surprising therefore, that? moments after? setting? that precedence, other? African leaders begun? to? follow? his example, and? together,they are gradually creating that essential ?leadership? value? of handing over? power ?peacefully ?after? expiration of? one?s? tenure? of? office.

Inspired by his belief in the decision of the majority, as opposed? to minority dictatorship,and like his Great fore-runners , Chaka? Zulu, Steve Biko and others, the conviction? that there can be no? brotherhood without equality, ?and there can be no peace? neither? under? oppression ?nor ?arms,he dedicated his entire life to a struggle, that resulted in ?building ?a state that? respects the decision of the majority and the fundamental rights? of? all citizens.He? also demonstrated? unparalled level headedness? and a forgiving heart by not raising ?arms? against? his oppressors of cause,? bearing? in mind, the devastating repercussions ?that? any? act? of? vengeance would have had on ?a? country which had been rendered so volatile and fragile by several years? of? minority rule and oppression.

He did not only believe in the course? he was fighting for but also pursued it with hard work,self-discipline and perseverance.



He ?was also? a? man who believed in himself? and the land of his origin,Africa.This he demonstrated by associating himself ?with things of African Origin, including African fashion and love and respect? for? Africans? who? distinguished themselves? in world leadership, such as, Bosummuru? Kofi? Annan,former? Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation.

It? is therefore not surprising ,that the well meaning people of the world hold this Great African in high esteem? and celebrate ?him with great joy.

We? the people? of Africa,particularly the youth , should be proud? that such? a rare leader? had come from our land.The youth ,who are the future leaders? of? the continent , owe it a duty? to? make Africa? even more peaceful ,prosperous and great? by? allowing themselves to be guided? by? the? life and leadership style? of? Madiba.

What this means is, that we must? put our parochial interest aside and begin to seek? the common good of our land.We must not be pre-occupied with our? individual and sectional? comfort, but rather seek? the wellbeing? of? the generality? of our? people.

His attributes also encourage us to respect? majority decision? and? to resist? minority and oppressors? rule or better? still,? refrain from? imposing our convictions and beliefs? on fellow citizens? and respect them as equal? members? of? the state who deserve to enjoy? the rights that? all human beings are entitled to.

It? teaches us to be humble, tolerant and to forgive those who wrong us for the sake of peace? and progress.

And finally,it? tells us to believe in any good course that we embark upon and to acknowledge the important role that? hardwork and perseverance ?play? in the success of such pursuits.

The Great African and world icon,Nelson Mandela is gone, but his great legacies live on and as we celebrate his life and demise, we must endeavour, not only to immortalize his good name, but also perpetuate his good works so that Africa and the world will have more leaders of his kind.Certainly, the world will be a much better place for the human race if we have more of? his kind ,as leaders.


Joseph? Tetteh

Youth Right Advocate and Founder,FYPD

0244571090 e-mail:[email protected]

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