Prince Mba urges Ghanaians to rekindle the spirit of probity, accountability

Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba,
Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba,

Mr Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity, a humarights Non-governmental organisation has called for the re-introduction of probity and accountability that subjected many Politicians and public servants to scrutiny.

“The conditions that necessitated the introduction of probity and accountability in the late 70s and early 80s are still with us today and measures must be put in place to rid the system off bribery and corruption that are spelling doom for our growth.

“Public service is not an avenue for enrichment. Our political culture is based on monetary inducement and has created a lot of problems. How can one who intends to serve public office be inducing by bribing. Kayaye will not pay you to carry your load.”

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on litigations and corruption in public service, Mr Mba said Ghana had the unique history of killing three former heads of state and five other senior military officers for corruption.

“But nothing has changed, it looks like those who were killed are saints as compared to the present day political actors We have heard of alleged handshaking before ministerial approval could be effected. Self interest supremacy reigns and a culture of impunity has become the overwhelming factor of governance.”

Mr Mba said serving was optional and those who want to use their positions to feather their nests must quickly peel of from the service ladder, before they were forcibly pulled down.

“We have heard of alleged cases of government appointees drawing double salaries and what is the outcome? Lifestyles are not in commensuration with earnings, but the excuse is that they have other businesses as the source of wealth.”

He suggested every single cedi earned can be audited and every audit should clearly show the preparedness to abide by the principles of probity and accountability.

He called government appointees to show the way by leading lives worthy of emulation, before such values could be sipped down on the ordinary employee for growth and development.

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