Private sector in Zambia call for establishment of mechanism for promotion of partnerships with Chinese enterprises

Zambia - China Flag
Zambia - China Flag

The private sector in Zambia on Wednesday called for the establishment of a mechanism that will help bolster partnership arrangements between Zambian and Chinese enterprises.

Yusuf Dodia, Chairperson of the Private Sector Development Association, said authorities in Zambia should come up with a mechanism that would ensure that Zambian enterprises become attractive to their Chinese counterparts.

“What we are saying is that in a partnership, all the parties have to offer something and since the Chinese have the money and technology we need to ensure that our enterprises also have something to offer,” he said.

According to him, governments in other countries have come up with mechanisms to help their enterprises venture into strategic partnerships with foreign firms.

This, he said, should be encouraged in Zambia as well.

“This is a strategy we need to develop to attract partnership with Chinese firms,” he said.

Meanwhile, the official has described 2019 as the most challenging period for the private sector in Zambia.

He said the implementation of a new mining tax regime, electricity challenges and an increase in fuel pump prices had a negative impact on the operations of businesses in the country. Enditem


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