Produce DSP Tehoda In Court: Human Rights Court Orders BNI

A Human Rights Court hearing the case involving the top policewoman detained for her role in the cocaine-turned-baking soda scandal has ordered the BNI to produce her in court Tuesday January 31.
The court gave the order today after lawyers for DSP Gifty Tehoda brought an application for bail.
An Accra circuit court remanded DSP Tehoda after she was charged of abetment of crime and stealing of cocaine.
But her lawyer, Oliver Dzeble says her continuous dentition since is unlawful. Mr. Dzeble is hoping the human rights court will grant her bail.
The BNI believes DSP Tehoda has questions to answer in respect of the case because not only did she facilitate the sale of the house of the suspect in the cocaine matter post bail for her, she also met with the suspect under questionable circumstances.


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