Prof. Nyarko Should Recede Agenda , Bawumia Has no Chance on Nov 4

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

I have chanced on an article titled “Stop Deceiving the Losing Aspirants: Nothing Will Change on November 4”, and published by the online media site of Asaase Radio.

The said article was authored by Prof. Kingsley Nyarko, the Member of Parliament (MP) of Kwadaso Constituency and a known fanatical zombie of the Camp of Candidate Bawumia.

It is internally rumored in the Campaign Team of Bawumia that he has no honor in the Camp due to his indisputable known trait of ingratitude, deceitfulness, selfishness, backbiting, backstabbing, untruthfulness and desperation to catch the attention of the top hierarchy of the Campaign Team.

First of all, the objective of the article in regards to the purpose and criteria for the Super Delegates’ elections places the entire article in a box of lack of substance, irrationality and ignorance, and it is therefore very pitiful, pathetic and ignominious that such an imperfection could emanate from a professor.

The above therefore substantiates the very reason why aside the affiliated media houses and paid publications, no media website has found it worthy to publish.

Note, the party’s constitution (Article 13:9) stipulates the selection of the first 5 standard-bearer aspirants when more than 5 qualify and file to contest.

Therefore his assertion and label of the last Four of the top Five aspirants as losing aspirants is uninformed and sickening. In fact, the top Five are all victors per the purpose and basis for the Super Delegates’ elections.

Moreover, the content of the article is infantile, unfortunate, frivolous, pedestrian and lacks academic substance. Additionally, mocking the other aspirants is not unifying but very divisive. As Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto once posited,

“We cannot break the 8 with half an egg, but with the full egg.” Therefore, making such disdainful statements about these revered members of the NPP only has a potential of dividing the party ahead of the 2024 general elections.

In furtherance, the author’s argument that Dr. Bawumia’s 629 votes representing approximately 68% out of 927 represents the party’s choice is flawed, unmeritorious and lacks academic significance.

This is because the total number of constituents of the Super Delegates Conference is just a negligible figure of 0.4% of the delegates of the NPP Flagbearer Contest Electoral College, 210,000 in total. In addition, the variables/indicators to influence informed choices by the respective delegates of the two colleges are distinct and therefore not restrictedly directly proportional in terms of occurrences.

Furthermore, the article’s proposal that the other aspirants should rescind their respective decisions to contest Dr. Bawumia during the main contest on November 4, 2023 is unwarranted, backward, primitive, autocratic, and just a really well thought-through agenda to commence an initiative to stifle and halt the growth and consolidation of the party’s internal democracy that the forefathers of this Tradition toiled with their lives to ensure its solidification and strengthening till today!

This proposition is therefore an act of cowardice and alien to the tenets of the NPP’s tradition, and as a result, should not be countenanced.

In conclusion, I will admonish the author to be more scientific, matured, morally sound and an advocate for strengthening of the democratic tenets of the Party in his subsequent public statements because breaking the 8 and a forge of the Party can not be achieved with half an egg.

Long live NPP!
Long live the UP Tradition!


Nana Yaw Boakye Yiadom Opoku Agyemang (N.Y.B.Y.O.A)
Senior Political Analyst

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