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Professor Ransford Gyampo Writes To Sir Sam Jonah

Professor Ransford Gyampo and Sir Sam Jonah
Professor Ransford Gyampo and Sir Sam Jonah
Dear Mr Sam Jonah,
I am told you have praised the Lithium deal that gives Ghana about 13 percent of our Lithium proceeds and 87 percent to foreigners. But sir, you are aware of an emerging and more improved transactional model that has been adopted by major Lithium producers, such as Mexico, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. So, why you decided to praise the current deal in Ghana baffles me.
As you may be aware, the Ghanaian people, including myself have a lot of respect for you. But you must know that, we all know that, you earned your name and wealth by working in the interest of international and foreign mining firms, not in the interest of Ghana. You have been around for all this while and seen Ghana earn only 5 percent of her gold mining as royalties, while 95 percent of gold mining profits go to foreigners.
You have been around to see Ghana earn less than 15 percent of her oil production and today, I am told, you are telling us that the 13 percent deal to Ghana from her Lithium is a good deal.
Sir, I hope this is a lie. But if it is true, then, respectfully, you certainly spoke in the interest of the foreigner and not the  Ghanaian.
If it is too late for you to turn around, I can understand, but in that case, please just be quiet and watch us fight for Ghana’s interest. We are committed to doing this through advocacy and other legitimate militant means, in a manner that would put all those who have aided foreign thieves and the looting of our natural resources to shame.
Many thanks
Yaw Gyampo
A31, Prabiw
PAV Ansah Street
Suro Nipa House
Behind Old Post Office
This is great. We need more Ghanaians and Africans to WAKE UP. Enought of the perenial exploitation of Africa through its own worst internal enemies calling themselves leaders. Very kakistocratic (USELESS) and kleptomaniac (HUNGRY THIEVES).
Shame on this Sam Jona; he is among those used by these worst imperialist enemies of Africa to carry on their egregiously odious CHARTER OF IMPERIALISM against Africa primarily, and other developing countries, to keep them as CHEAP RAW MATERIAL BASE for their industries to continue to maintain their high living standards while keeping Africa poor.
These collaborators think more of the perks that will go into their own pockets rather than their countries’ best interests that benefit ALL citizens.
I heard a Ghanaian economist from Mepe in the Volta Region based in Australia helped former president Kufuor to get 85% oil revenue sharing deal  for Ghana initially. But the foreigners bribed them to  reverse the agreement in their favour. When he heard about it he got so infuriated that he vowed never to get involved with anything Ghana anymore! That is how UNPATRIOTIC Ghanaian, and for that matter African leaders are.
They should now go for lessons from Burkina Faso. How uselessly idiotic and greedy human  beings can be who organize themselves to collaborate with Africa’s worst external enemies to continue their perennial exploitative  uncontrolled looting spree and thieveries that keep their own fellow citizens miserably poor.
May Deuteronomy 28:15-69 curses be their lots forever. May their unpatriotic behaviours hunt them to their graves.
By Bobby Quaqoo, a Freelance Journalist and an African in the Diaspora.
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