The Proliferation Of The Internet


Felix Acquaye/CMN

Due to the proliferation of information and technological gadgets, the world is becoming a more connective environment. The demand for tablets, pc’s and smart phones keeps increasing invariably sources say. A research has shown that the world’s phone users population would reach 7.3 billion by end of this year. Why the sudden demand for these gadgets?

These gadgets are not just manufactured for a single purpose but then to perform multi-functionally. Its enhancement to serve internet purposes, multi-media services, games/applications and its ability to be used anywhere at your convenience. With all these benefits one is not saddled to depend on the traditional means of disseminating information anymore. The influx of these devices is sure to replace areas like our libraries, post offices, newspapers among others.

The internet services which has aroused most to patronize these devices have pervaded all the aforementioned areas of disseminating information. Today, every piece of information one needs is right on his tablet or smartphone What then brings about the libraries, where you would flipping from page to page to search for a piece of information. The leisurety with which one can contact his family and friends around the world with just network transmission such as; calls, texts, e-mails and social media is easy to say the least. The rising media websites to give us news even in our bed is worth trying than going to the newstands to be caught by headlines before purching news copies. One Attipoe Shine Nutepe affirmed it all on his facebook wall by posting; “Waking up and reading posts on Facebook in the morning like it’s the daily newspaper” – Sunday 30 March, 2014.

The survey conducted on U.S citizens on their source of news has proven that; out of 92% who get the news from a range of platforms, 61% gets it from online, 78% depend on tv both local, foreign, cable and networks while only 17% gets it from news print. This stats show that the shift from our traditional means of news is being taken rapidly by the internet. That is why, it is most advisable for all news prints to get websites, blogs and pages. ?Even now journalists do not taken much time to report breaking issues. They just update their status with gists and later break the whole story. The journalist do not also have to be chasing celebrities and popular people anymore for interviews. These figures update their statuses with their opinions, where it’s being picked and stories are made out of it.

The future expectation of these gadgets is that 6% of the global population is to own tablets, 20% to own pc’s and 22% to own smart phones.

In short, the internet and technological devices has not only come to stay but to make impartion.
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Felix Acquaye/CMN

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