Proper Time Management Attracts God’s Blessings – Rev. Minister

Rev Justice Kwame Asumeng,
Rev Justice Kwame Asumeng,

Koforidua District Minister of Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Justice Kwame Asumeng, has spoken on the benefits of time management.

The district minister threw much light on time keeping and proper time management when he took the congregation through a teaching lesson on how to tap God’s blessings.

Rev Asumeng said God has programmed enough blessings for mankind so as to get everyone making a difference in one’s life time.

The Reverend Minister said, attending of church service from time to time should not just end up making church members but to equip the members with wisdom to get them properly shaped and ready to tap God’s blessings.

Rev Asumeng continued, all acts of God are time bound and that they are all calculated to meet specific purposes.

He further said, it would therefore be impossible for people who do not respect and act on time, to meet God’s calculated time for blessing.

“There is no blessings for whoever has no respect for time”. Reverend Asumeng stated.

Stressing on the importance of timing, Rev Asumeng entreated the congregation to be serious with time and thus, should invest and manage it effectively.

The outspoken Reverend Minister comparatively said, most Europeans (whites) are time conscious. They walk briskly and report punctually and on time to all calls ahead of Africans (Blacks) hence their immesurable blessings.
Most Africans (Blacks) on the other hand, care less about that.
“Sluggish walking and lack of seriousness account for our late attendance to programs or functions” Reverend Asumeng explained.

He admonished all to be time conscious in order to access God’s blessings for God respects time and people who live with it.

Narrowing the lesson to Ghana, Rev Kwame Asumeng said, God has blessed Ghana with abundant human resources and in very good condition of health but due to improper time management, many people are swimming in adverse poverty.

In God’s demonstration of time, Rev Kwame Asumeng said at a particular time in the lifetime of Jesus Christ, God directed Joseph to move the child away from Nazareth and at the convenient period, God directed Joseph to take the child home.

Jesus spoke about importance of time. “My time has not yet come“ He stated on such occasions.

In summary, Rev Justice Kwame Asumeng said God’s blessings are with us and that those who respect and keep to time, would eat the (fruits) blessings of it.

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