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Will God, Satan, or xyz give me Millions and Great Partners in 2023?

Largely thankful for 2022, except finance and partnership, beyond sex. If I were to thank God for the 2022 blessings, it can be books upon books, so acknowledging it was a terrible year, financially, is a fact compared to other years and expectations. The millionaires that committed suicide, went through divorce, went to prison, in sick beds, or became bankrupt may accuse me of ingratitude or lucky? I wish myself and the good folks of the world a greater 2023 in every way, from character, health, finance, and every good. New Year through one of the many sun oriented calenders called Gregorian calender? I love the sun or any largely sun oriented calender is appreciated towards a more perfect calender. Although the calculation or presentation was through a Pope, I do not consider it a Christian calender, because Christians do not own the sun, maths, or get the best of the sun. Jesus and how many Christians never used it? It seems to be largely accurate, but I have questions about the calender and will recommend changes.

Before going further, let me clarify: Wanting God to give me as gift is just a public declaration, He does not owe me nothing , but I know He is capable of helping me in and beyond my wishes. Great partner(s) includes, but far beyond sexual. When God test you with questionable partners, it is hard test. So ask for good partner(s) and your test or life becomes lot easier. Honest partners, hard working partners, ready to learn or grow partners, Conscientious partners in a nutshell. If you can afford it, encourage culture of cameras to pressure folks , especially working partners. Putting Satan there is just a teaser, it means God to force even devils to submit before me, as He blessed King Solomon with riches+. Such verses came in the Quran for reasons best known to God, but it helps me to be more fearless and patience with people I consider questionable. Ordering America, Canada, or xyz to pay me reparation can fit xyz in 2023…

It saddens me that some of my fellow Muslims want to dismiss this sun oriented calender as ‘Christian’ and some condemn even ‘merry Christmas ‘ wishes without any solid explanation. I often say, Christians are the closest to Muslims, so good Muslims must tolerate and advise Christians where we deem they are wrong in most appropriate times. Regarding ‘Christmas’, you know you wish well the good Christians or yourself and God can read your wishes. Expressing it in words is just trying to add more atom’s weight of good wishes, words, or beyond.

Quran 19:15 ‘And peace be upon him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the Day he is raised alive. ‘ No religion, including Christianity, seems to honor Jesus (pbuh) like the Quran does, at least in some ways. Feel free to argue he was not born in winter or December 25, but are you even trying to know and celebrate any of these mentioned days? We should not encourage rivalry, just tell Christians where we believe they are wrong based on the Koran (Recitation) or conscience. I am very happy to be praying for Jesus (pbuh) than average Christians who pray through him, but not for him? They pray for death Popes, not Jesus?

Regarding new years, this is a learning (iqrah) oriented calender and the Quran told us Christians are lovers of Knowledge, a verse I consider is to motivate us to love knowledge with financial investment, time, and the like. If Muslims or xyz tried/try to join ‘the sun and moon’ in xyz, then may be a better calender can come or good judgment day? Beside knowledge, let’s beat the Christians and xyz on truth and kindness where we can. Let’s tell Biden, Obama, and xyz they are ‘wrongfully’ holding many ‘Brittney Griners’ over cannabis, indifferent to countless wrongful holding of marijuana folks in prison and denying us working opportunities, unnecessarily . They denied Jesus work on a Sabbath to help people and now denying us direct and indirect work over cannabis to help ourselves and help more people than Jesus directly did? Too many so called Christians+ are indeed cruel, indifferent, liars, etc and may God change or curse such in and beyond 2023.

On what grounds do we assume rotation or sun calender starts when the sun is visibly away, winter, or new year starts around Australia? If science confirms first people were in Africa, the greatest sun still shines in Africa, then earthly new year should start in Africa? Big Bang! Pope Gregory was the Pope who banged a woman, fathered a child, and God still gave him knowledge of new year calculation for some women to be sexually kind on new year’s night or when? Big Bang ! A German born Pope Dies a day before this New year? Big Bang! Africa enjoy year round sunlight, Europe or xyz have months of cold winter and avoid wars that threatens our earth please. Big Bang! At sharp 12:00am or the bang was so big that only hours after Australia or xyz can see the sun, then many more hours after, Gambia got a bang at 12:am and later see the sun of more beneficial radiance than fireworks? Oh, you mean the rotation comes every four years as leap year or election years for u.s? Four also means death in Chinese, thus many Chinese fear four, April born, or u.s; some westerners fear thirteen, so will God give me one, four, thirteen or xyz partner(s)? Too young or old to wait for midnight, but may wake up before midnight, or around three a.m. and may sleep again. I wonder if I can rise on time to see the first 2023 beautiful skies of sunrise in Africa, sometimes much nicer than beautiful sunsets and those women who choose Trump, Elon Musk, and other rich folks than me? Well, thousands of Tourists are in SeneGambia and millions in Africa , but how are our Tourism ministers+ allowing CNN or xyz to claim Taipei or Taiwan is among the best places to go for new year celebrations? We do not have to copy, but we can diversify in how we celebrate for money within character. Give our tourists what they have around the world and a special all night long outing they cannot do in cold western+ world, then use social media to demand mainstream media to contrast beyond fireworks.

Chapter 91 is named after the sun, and it starts with: ‘By the sun and its radiance…’, so I recommend when the sun shines best, around 2:pm is a good time as big bang, day starts and let’s see how many Africans vs xyz will pray and dance under the sun? They rather torture the young and old to wait till , or business of fire works demand it from money worshippers? Or do you prefer around 6:am on July 1st in the Gambia or Mecca to become 1am, we pray, look in the beautiful skies until the sun is fully visible, we exercise or do what till around 2pm or new 8/9am, then do what at evening? Well, if there is a scientific reason behind 12:am, then the chapter and other verses also say, ‘And the night, as it conceals it…’, and other verses about deeper night times. Since God is the God of all times and places, we can raise debates, but do not fight. Having the most fun or character on the first day, under the nice sun or lack of it, having great character all year round is indeed part of my prayer than the highlighted money. The sun help us on health than the moon, so a sun oriented calender is preferred and you do not have to fight with the moon borrowing light from the sun? Moon calender may equally be from sun calender. Moon people from sun people?

We pray for huge raise in character, health, wealth, beauty, and beyond in 2023 and many more years on earth, plus life after death. We pray for more beneficial knowledge and achievements upon achievements beyond words. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

I will love to travel around the world lot more, including Africa. Small and big Africa have some countries in summer (raining) now, While places like the Gambia are in warm sunny winter (no rain). So having enough money to travel within a more peaceful Africa is huge blessing. I will certainly love to explore Asia and Europe when warm, but even mental travelling is sometimes fascinating and enough. A more culture of cameras around the world or very green travel medium will justify travelling. You do not have to travel to enjoy, but travelling for knowledge is greater, and fun travel do come with spin-offs, including knowledge and more working opportunities… We can travel to raise others’ character too. So let 2023 be a year of travelling, including physically. Our words are travelling around the world and may it does lot more, help billions or at least hundreds of millions.

It is vital to educate our fellow Muslims or the worse of Muslims may mislead the uneducated Muslims. All believers in the existence of God should be seen as one team at different levels. So you can wish and advise each other what you deem best, but the Kind God of ch.56 hints many will be saved. I confront Christians beyond what the Koran directly highlighted. The words ‘Jesus died for your sins’, is very imperfect wording they barely claim does not include evil or sins between creatures. However, many teenagers, politicians, or molesting priests may have banked on such to harm people. If you allow them to indoctrinate others without demanding clarification, the worst of Christians may try to re-enslave you or harm you, hide it as classified information, and claim to be the most kind or truthful people? I hope God will free the truthful and deal with the liars in ways that will benefit the truthful in the short and long term.

2022 was a roller-coaster for me, many highs and weird lows. God rescued me from some bad partners, but yet to give great or even good partner(s)? My health improved, but suffered an attack that forced me to buy a wheel chair for few days, then God showed me exercises to walk even much better than before. Even character fall happened, but we learned. Some great seeds are shown, ideas born, but when will God realise them and hopefully with benefits? Again, even though I believe there were more positive blessings, I certainly wish for a much better year in 2023 and to conquer many more countries on cannabis legalisation . Why do we get false hopes? Where as I cannot claim I have never given someone false hope, I am the type that avoid any misleading information and try to be truthful with people and God. If humans give false hope, it hurts, but easier to bear; but when God, Satan, or invisible creatures give false hope, it is scary and puzzling. So may God never give me false hopes, nor allow others, especially invisible creatures to give me false hope. Our wishes are real, our thoughts are feasible, so reasonable realising times should not demand too much patience. No hope is terrible, but false hope can be equally terrible, it can affect faith. If all humans are varyingly sinful, then all governments are much more guilty, proportionately. Show forgiveness, especially on personal sins and over reaction against the liars and cruel ones… A human being does not know what the next hour, day, week , or months will bring, but I know and have the right to pursue the needs and wants I deem to concur with should and can. There is part of character you can get or give when you travel, and the travel does not necessarily have to be physical. Peace and blessings be upon the messengers and conscientious believers in the universe. And Praises be to the Lord of the universe.

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