Protection and Security Is Not Meant for Only Celebrities, Say the Experts at TOTAL K9


Personal protection is an issue that affects everyone. Celebrities have the funds and resources to defend themselves against any possible danger but is there a way families and those without a professional entourage can have the same protection? The answer to this question lies with man’s best friend. The experts at Total K9 say that they are training and providing protection dogs that can offer the kind of dedicated security that was once only available to the rich and famous.

According to Total K9, a protection dog is a carefully trained companion who, unlike a guard dog, has been trained to protect its owners rather than a single location. While the traditional guard dog can often be found lurking around a property ready and waiting to strike at any perceived trespass or attack, the protection dog is an entirely different creature. Far from being a menacing figure, this canine is trained to become a beloved family member who can happily interact with children while also having the skills to offer defense when needed. Total K9 trains each dog which comes from a range of diverse breeds such as German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Giant Schnauzers to fit into a family and be ready to take on their protection duties as soon as they arrive.

Besides providing protection dogs, Total K9 offers pet and working dog behavioral and obedience training. This training is provided across the UK with a pick-up service accommodating those across England, Scotland, and Wales. The concept of having a canine companion who is a beloved four-legged friend and is also trained to keep you safe from any danger is no longer one that is reserved for only those living the lavish celebrity lifestyle.

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