Psychology of Rumour, a Clear Case of Madumere’s Ordeal


Rumour is a statement or claim of questionable accuracy, from no known reliable source, usually spread by word of mouth (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary).

People who spread rumours just want attention and approval, they think life is a popularity contest and they are shallow individuals that are very insecure and need people to pay attention to them or to be popular to validate their self worth.

They don’t know how to form true friendships or how to improve themselves as individuals and they don’t have goals either. Their whole existence is to pit people against one person and to have that person mentally destroyed so they can feel better themselves in order to have control over people. They enjoy manipulating others and making everyone think that they are the victim and that one person they are pitting everyone against is the evil monster tormenting them.

They do it because they like drama and they see life as a giant stage and people as their puppets and themselves as the actors. Gossip is all about attention, approval and manipulation.

My best advice is to pity them. Even if they have more than you. Even if their lives turn out better. It doesn’t matter. They don’t grow as individuals no matter what they get in life.

They never learn from their mistakes or feel remorse or realize how dishonest or terrible they are. They are too ignorant to realize how their words and actions affect those around them and the damage it causes and even if they do know they may not even feel guilty. Which is sad. They must be sorry individuals.

Even if they had a giant mansion, they would still be mentally weak, empathically empty, spiritually deprived and ever so alone. Even if they did have alot of friends they really can’t be those people’s friends because they don’t really care for them as individuals because they just want the approval and they are so empty inside that the only thing can fulfill them is the attention of others. Don’t waste your time hating or being angry at empty individuals.

The motivation behind a person who spreads lies about others is completely alien to the average “good” person. Most people can believe more easily that the rumors are at least partially true than that the rumor spreader is doing it completely out of malice/making it all up.

And therein lies the motivation to spread rumors and lies-people believe them. You can destroy relationships, manipulate others, and generally make people feel like shit. If you are filled with self-hate, this is appealing.

It may hurt you to know that false rumors about your person are being told behind your back just like the recent rumour that Governor Okorocha approved the impeachment of his Deputy, Prince Eze Madumere.

In this scenario, dont let it affect you! The detractors are not happy seeing you smile everytime; it’s very interesting to let them know that it doesnt bother you one bit, cause if you react in an ungrounded manner, they have won and they have accomplished what they set out for!

One thing is common that the person spreading or sponsoring the remour is a loser for saying false things behind your back and people are going to see him for the loser he truly is and they will stop listening to him, stop caring and forget the rumors he spread.. Just learn not to care and be yourself.

I commend the Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere for maintaining a cool head during the period the rumour lasted, his calmness and personal carriage are evidence of his administrative sagacity. Thumps up!!!

By Esogibe Ikenna

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