28 Police Senior Officers from 12 African countries are undertaking Senior Command and Staff Course in National Police College. Photo-MoD.
28 Police Senior Officers from 12 African countries are undertaking Senior Command and Staff Course in National Police College. Photo-MoD.

Dear Sir ,

May you kindly permit me some space in your respected medium to correct the negative perception a section of public have on the recent announcement by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) at the graduation of some officers at the college to the effect that there are plans to upgrade the Ghana Police Command and Staff College (GPCSC) at Winnaba together with other training schools of the service into a university.

28 Police Senior Officers from 12 African countries are undertaking Senior Command and Staff Course in National Police College. Photo-MoD.
28 Police Senior Officers from 12 African countries are undertaking Senior Command and Staff Course in National Police College. Photo-MoD.
The IGP said in his speech to the graduating officers that the police is seeking accreditation from the National Accreditation Board (NAB) to upgrade the college and other training institutions into a university.

That occasion no doubt is the most appropriate forum to break this refreshing piece of news about such a laudable, remarkable long awaited initiative.

The police everybody agrees is not in the best of shape and form that we all want them to be and in fact this should be one of the reasons why we should whole heartedly accept the need for a lot more training in modern policing given the changing nature and sophistication of crime for them to be able to catch up with modern trends in crime prevention, detection and prosecution.

It is an indisputable fact that our police service is struggling so hard to catch up with this sophistry in crime. They need to be trained in modern crime detection, investigation, prosecution as well as crime reporting to.feed the ever hungry media outlets such as yours that reserves the rights to know what happens in the police service every step of the way, how a particular crime is progressing. So I wonder why some people will speak ill openly about this remarkably progressive step taking by the IGP. Instead of heaping the kind of unfavorable commentary and condemnation of this great idea, the public should welcome it.

In view of the foregoing, I will hasten to say that it was unfair, unnecessary and backward for some people to take to social media to criticise the police on this news. Our society and indeed the entire sub-region stands to benefit from this grand initiative because of the shinning example that our country is to other countries in our part of the world. There is a very high possibility that our country could earn more foreign exchange if this plan sees the light of day.

Let’s learn as a people to appreciate the little things God has endowed us with and give credit where credit is due. No one is saying that our police is one of the best in the world but at least they are a better example in the eyes of many countries around us.

We must not forget that this same IGP who is muting this great idea was once appointed by the U.N. as the inspector general of the Liberian police for some number of years. He has also worked in the U.N system for quite some time so he must have picked up a lot of experience that is informing this plans to migrate the staff collage into a full fledged university.

It is an undeniable fact that we cannot avoid talking about having a well resourced, well trained and capable police administration to stand prepared at all times to protect us. We all agree is a necessity and we must work towards achieving that feet collectively.

I was filled with sadness when i took a brief tour on facebook and read comments what I found to be a bit unfair and critical stands against the police for making that announcement.

When I saw certain comments that specifically targeted the police and castigated them for some of the few unfortunate happenings in the past and called them names with some going as far as saying that the university was going to used to train the police to be more corrupt.

It was disheartening also to read from some of this people that, the proposed university was going to be used to train the police on how to brutalise the public when it comes to riot control and demonstrations as was seen in the recent unfortunate encounter the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) had with the police in their last demonstration.

These comments suggested to me that there are a lot uninformed guys out there who are preaching what they don’t know based on their ignorant approach to dealing with the police and those people should not be taken seriously.

These group of people are ignorant of the fact that the university is going to be opened to the public when the accreditation to operate a university is approved by the accreditation board.

The university will not be the sole preserve of the Ghana police, it will be a public university owned by the people of Ghana just like all the other public universities across the country and so not only the police will gain admissions to attend but it will be opened to the general public to also apply if they are interested.

The ignorance of such people is so deep that they are unaware of the fact that, the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College is a university that is opened to anybody from within and outside Ghana and even beyond the sub region who qualify and meet the criterion of application.

At the GASCSC for example, officers pursue different courses there that is usually costly for the ordinary Ghanaian police pocket.

I believe when the police college is upgraded into a university, the service will give subsidies to its personnel who are interested in pursing higher education as it is the case elsewhere.

The police university just like the GAFCSC, will also be affiliated to a public university for mentoring and monitoring .

When this is done and the accreditation is approved, the college will only run courses that are approved by the NAB and the mentoring university.

It is my believe it will also have a dean of students from the affiliate university who may be a civilian with the requisite academic credentials to properly mentor the university through its formative stages. For example, Dr. Valdmer Antwi Danso of Legon Centre for
International relations is the dean of students of GAFCSC and so far we can say without any fear of contradiction that he has acquitted himself very well

Through the courses to be offered by university will be geared towards making the Ghanaian peace keepers of which the police is part continue to excel in all their international peace keeping assignments and make Ghana more proud.

Ghana as we are all aware is one of the foremost and best countries when it comes to UN peace keeping operations.

In light of the above, Lets encourage and not discourage the Police service to excel in our country and outside our jurisdiction, it is through this that the nation can boast of a better police service.

Abdul Hanan Mohammed El-Saeed
[email protected]

Inspired by Asiah Jeremiah

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