Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel
Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel

Ghanaians woke up to be greeted with the unsavory news item of a Ghanaian lady who had been busted at Heathrow for trafficking a 12.5kg of cocaine.

GRABBED! Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Angel
GRABBED! Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Angel

What was more worrying was the fact that she used the VVIP lounge at the Kotoka International Airport, an event which dented Ghana’s already battered international image.

In their zeal to extricate themselves from this international debacle, government appointees and apparatchiks tried everything humanly possible to hoodwink Ghanaians into believing that indeed Ruby Mahama’s 12.5kg cocaine was not state-sponsored, when the obvious fact is that she couldn’t walk through the VVIP lounge without the assistance of government.

In order to further create the impression that government was in the dark as far as this case is concerned, the BNI quickly embarked on a venture which destination will be nothing more than a complete disaster. Not only did they arrest Alhaji Dawood but also two other ladies who they claim are her accomplices. As though some of us were clairvoyants, proceedings at the court are testament enough of the fact that the arrest was pretentiously executed to pull the wool over our eyes that the Mahama administration is hellbent in fighting drugs trafficking when the opposite is the case.

The argument being propagated by the prosecutors is so shallow that a 1st year law student would easily get this people off the hook.
Evidence we’ve gathered so far clearly indicates that she has travelled over thirty times this year using the Austrian passport (passport number P4187659).

United For Change Movement has further gathered she travelled to UK on seven different occasions and also went to other parts of Europe on several occasions, some of which she used a private jet.

We can also confirm authoritatively that she was always being picked up in vehicles on the tarmac; a case in point was her last trip when she was arrested in a chauffeur-driven vehicle that was expectantly waiting for her.
We have every reason to believe that in all those occasions, she travelled with cocaine, but strangely enough she could not be fished out. This is a clear indication that officialdom played a key role in fascinating her rather profitable venture.

If government is denying these incontrovertible facts, the travelling records of Ruby Mahama should be published. Until that government and it’s communicators should spare us these streneous efforts to wean themselves off this cocaine saga.

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