MDC Question : How many flights per day there is a United States of America
I booked a flight today and was charged $ 5 “American Criminal Security Service.” $ 5 do not have much $ 140 a ticket, but I was wondering, how many flights per day to fly there. You do not know how much “they” are right next to a free $ 5, they put the (probably) any person billet.Par way. Do not forget that every flight is $ 5 per person. So if the leak is 150, $ 750 1.Donc the air, let’s say an average of 10,000 trips a day, and each of those 150 people, 750 000 $ .:) My math sucks. désolé.10.000 * 750 = 7.500.000Meilleure reply:

I’m sure you will find a number of the FAA website.

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