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Babyblue2381 Question ? How to become an independent travel agent
I want to get a totally independent travel agency, not to join another organization. How to do it: Licenses, certifications, insurance, access to databases, the official suppliers and corporate social responsibility? Best Answer:
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the only way you can do is be a first officer with the host organization. IATAN credentials you need to get your $ 5,000 a year, has already made reservations at time of travel. This is like becoming a broker, then the broker can not be the first to have been agent.De more you look at several thousand dollars to start a company. But it’s all a moot point. Suppliers are not going to talk about when you were a travel agent. The best thing to do is to start with the host organization, the way you do not have the financial risk. For all you know you could not end or not liking the amount of income you need to do faire.Obtenez experience, and then thought about earlier this year to open up its society. Just dedicate a year in industry, whether it’s all you thought it was a book to travel a lot and build a good realtionship suppliers and get a good reputation, and then n ‘is not your problem agence.Ou can buy an existing agency responsibility, but you look at the $ 50,000 + to do.

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