KajungasWife Question : What is a Marine Open House
What is PTS. I know that it is linked to the tour, but do not know what the answer signifie.Meilleure :
Answer by Arwen

“free visit” means that a seaman is parked in a place where he can not bring your / your spouse or children, usually 2-3 years. This is a normal shallow sea located in Japan, UAE, Diego Garcia, or some other places abroad. Spouse / children are or may be before a military base to move “home” to be with his family, if your browser is affected by the PTS sea.The do earn. Simply the best sailors are given the opportunity to reenlisting. The Navy is too full right now, too many people at the top do not leave because the Navy does not work out. Although a very, very best are kept. The rest are “fired” at the end of recruitment were 4 or 6 (depending on whether they are signed). I do not know how they could be connected.

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