QNET International Limited Issues Press Statement


Our attention has been drawn to a Publication in Ghana to the extent that; certain individuals have managed to incorporate their companies using our company’s name.


Such companies incorporated in Ghana using our name are QNET Limited and QUEST NET LIMITED. We want to bring to the attention of Ghanaians that our Company, QNET INTERNATIONAL LTD, has not incorporated any subsidiary by name or QNET LIMITED or QUEST NET LIMITED. We do not have any affiliation with these companies.


In Ghana, QNET works through distributors termed as Independent Representatives’ or ‘IRs’, who market the Company’s products online on commission basis.


It is therefore important to bring to the immediate attention of the Public that our Company; QNET is not an Investment Company, Ponzi Scheme or B2B and does not support any get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, QNET is an e-commerce based Direct Selling company that sells a wide range of our own products and operates in about 25 countries worldwide.


QNET is committed to abide by all the Laws of the Republic of Ghana as well as the Laws in any other Country within which we operate. Our company is in the process of engaging with the Authorities of Ghana to establish an Office in Ghana in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Ghana which is hopeful to suffice soon after.


In the meantime, our company lauds and welcomes the Attorney General’s relentless efforts to dissolve the above two stated companies incorporated in our name in Ghana.


Subsequent to the termination of the said companies’ incorporation, our company shall engage with the appropriate authorities in Ghana to regularize our business as well as our Independent Representatives in Ghana pursuant to which same shall be communicated to the General Public upon completion.


QNET has been socially responsible in Ghana and invested in child education (including blind and deaf), sports development, government agencies support, COVID-19 support, and other areas.  QNET is active in sports partnerships with Manchester City Football Club, the English Premier League Champion, and Africa Football Confederation (CAF) for Total/CAF Champions League, Total/CAF Confederation Cup, Total/CAF Super Cup. 


QNET is committed to its key values and will therefore never condone with any individual, groups, organizations, or companies to perpetuate fraud in any manner or form in Ghana. It is therefore our wish to inform the public that any form of activity carried on by the afore-mentioned companies camouflaged with our name; QNET most does not originate from us. The public of the Republic of Ghana is accordingly advised to be prudent when approached by such companies.




  1. QNET sells world-class products with a business opportunity and is not a job or investment scheme. 
  2. QNET Compensation Plan only awards Commission based on the sale of products. 
  3. QNET Business Opportunity does not guarantee any fixed income. 
  4. QNET expects IRs to use funds from potential prospects only for the purchase of QNET Products or Services. 
  5. QNET product benefits and claims must be presented as provided in official published materials. 
  6. QNET requires IRs to adhere to the strict guidelines for operating home offices. 
  7. QNET does not allow selling of products to minors. 
  8. QNET does not allow anyone other than its own authorized representatives to engage with the media and government. 
  9. QNET Account operates as a personal and private account for only the registered owner, unless there is written consent or otherwise. 
  10. QNET condemns any cross-border migration of prospects or independent Representatives under false premise and in violation of local laws of the Country.


About QNET

QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies offering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle products that enable people to lead better lives. QNET’s business model has helped empower millions of entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries worldwide.


QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world through subsidiaries, branch offices, agency partnerships, and franchisees.


QNET has pioneered the direct selling industry in many countries in the Sub Saharan Africa region. The company has offices in Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire, and has a presence through local agents in several other countries including Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Senegal. For more information, please visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net (English) or https://www.qnetafrique.com/ (French)

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  1. Qnet is number one. Comes to stay started 1998 till now. The company is real and fantastic 👌. Call me to buy our world class products or for further information please

  2. Is a lie I have been a victim of your company till date nothing has been done no commissions give me 2 years now. Because people are now scared of joining you, the name had been changed to TITANTS.

      • If you make sales you get your commission but if you don’t make any sales of their products you won’t get anything. So please stop saying that shit. The business works for those who put in their efforts and scam to those who are quitters. Kindly contact for more information +233553264123

  3. Qnet is the number one priority company is the world,, for more information about this company, you can get me on this number (+233249714114)

  4. FOOLS qnet company your mother’s if you are in Ghana and you don’t no what to do with your own money please don’t use it on qnet please . 419 please

    • Fool you don’t have sence that is why u are saying that,does why God created some people and they don’t have sence and knowledge and u are one of them.
      If all of us where to be the same the world won’t have been interesting.

  5. They are just trying to throw dust into the eyes of the public and still find their way out.thank God the Anthoney general too is hard working

  6. Anything you don’t know, you can call it fake because, there are some people that are still saying education is fake because of their failure back at school, but don’t forget that it is you being the product of education produces your country president today. Without this wonderful business everybody would have been a robber,. God bless nana and Qnet for free us from starvation

  7. This business is not fake but the way we the Africans are doing it makes it fake!! I was once a victim who is deceived to cross border from Ghana to ivory coast

  8. I’m grateful for this opportunity
    Is a generational business
    But it’s good to those who get better person to present the facts and scam to those who do mispresentation.
    Call for a better presentation at office.

  9. I think is better for me to stay with FOOLS and become RICH than to be with the WISE and become POOR forever. Besides, God has hidden the secret of this business “Qnet” from the wise and has given it to the fools to prosper and open more business, so that they can employ the wise of the world like you to manage it for them and pay them. So Mr. WISE, continue to be wise and wait for us, because we need wise people like you to manage our firms for us.

    May the Good Lord also bless the womb/mother who brought you (Mr. WISE) to this world as our help mate. May you live long to see the fruit of our labour. If you believe say Amen! 0552046814…..Call me for Sign Up.

  10. I don’t blame you because, it takes only the FOOL with vision to see great opportunities ahead and take advantage of them to become rich and establish more businesses for the WISE of the world to manage them by receiving just a pea-nut salary of that fool’s total income.

    May you live long, because we may really need you, MR WISE……. QNET is REAL!

    Call +233 552046814 for SIGN UP if you at first went to the wrong place okay?

  11. I myself will write to the Attorney general to dissolve this business. You people claim you have money but end up stealing from people. Only mouth mouth with nothing to show.

  12. Qnet is a business not a job,,,those saying bad things about this business is because they are lazy and myopics they don’t see the future they want short cut to heaven and God is going to reject them……lazy wise men you don’t want to work but you want commissions shame on you wake up…

  13. Qnet international limited is a 23 years old legitimate company which one can make a good living by only hard-working in selling product,
    Lazy people who want to get paid without any work done should stay aside.
    Am much forcus on what my country Ghana and it’s population can gain
    Through Qnet I have many young men and women have stay away from competing with others and putting pressure on the state for employment which we all know very well that is impossible for the state to get everyone employed
    QNET is very good and have come to help Ghanaians to grow as professional business men and women,
    Long live QNET long live Ghana
    God bless us all.

  14. Please those who don’t understand by saying so lot of things,I was once like but when I understand the business with hard working my 2years in the business, many things change,so guys don’t bad okay is very good business.contact me for more information 0559150379

  15. Success is good at any age, but the sooner you find it, the longer you will enjoy it.



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  16. Contact me for more information.
    Stop listening to people and make your own decisions your success depends on u your self. call me if you are ready to join QNET

  17. HI, l am interested in the business but no funds, so please can someone tell me more about how it works and it rules. Thank you

  18. Qnet is the best
    I love the compensation plan very much too
    Contact me to show you more on +233 0244537400

  19. Qnet is the greatest Business that can change you family and friends life and you can get financial freedom ask me how for information about my company contact me+233555422939

  20. I Love Qnet it a do or die company not Wish and hope. It takes only worriors and great leaders to get what they’re looking for in the business. U dont get anything if u dont do anything. U get what is beyound ur imaginations when u do something. Hard truth about Qnet. Lazy people will always hate hard work so i understand those saying negative things.

  21. Never throw your money away, to buy a necklace for gh¢4000 does it mean a business? What will you get from necklace? Qnet is not real. I know their place in Accra.

  22. My dear friend the earlier you change your mind the better for you. There are soo many people who hide under the canopy of this innocent company to cause a lot of havoc just as MTN Fraudsters do but it will be very difficult for the Company MTN to get this wrong and bad people to arrest .This is the same chlenge this company goes through …
    But I am sure MTN COMPANY IS STILL EXISTING AND PROVIDING THEIR SERVICES to the good people of the world.


    It’s not meant for lazy people but for people who are very hard-working but don’t have the means of living their dream lives.

    We are only made to understand “go to school ,get a good job and live your life.”

    The Ghana government is saying the pay roll is full so the youths should venture into Enterpreneurship .

    And this is True…..
    Everybody want to hide somewhere and when the month ends they get paid salary whether their work or service deserves the salary been paid or not.
    Let wise up the youths of Ghana and make good use of this Great DIRECT SELLING COMPANY QNET TO CHANGE MORE LIVES ……


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