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Quran within Months is Feasible and Beneficial Beyond Muslims

Holy Quran

The Easier Koranic Project to Save Millions of Children From Earthly Hell

No sane person will see millions of people successfully learning the ‘Koran within months’ and still be obsessed with sending children to the inefficient and cruel traditional Koranic teachings for years or decades. I am blessed with much better methods than the rising efficient apps I have seen so far, and trying to offer a leap for humankind, especially Africa. We can take care of our biological children or even relatives , but being indifferent to the millions of African children that goes through Hell to learn the Koran is a crime and negligent of our collective responsibilities. Those of us who truly care should step up our efforts and offer a route that questionable parents and governments cannot reject. Since I happen to have or claim to have the possible remedy, put me to the test or look for someone to lead a transformative Koranic project that must guarantee acceptable achievements within months. I am not asking you million dollars as personal pay , but as project manager and you control payments to respectable individuals I will hire, coach them on different tasks, then the apps and videos will go through the ultimate test of ‘Koran within months’. Our Primary target is Children , but adults will also learn; our primary languages are official languages in Africa, but local languages should be fully catered for. If we cannot find sponsors, we should volunteer , work hard and save to realize the beyond rescue project.

My Credentials as Reliable Partner: I can take an oath on the Koran that God have shown me ways to teach the Koran in much easier ways, and if we successfully complete my method of teaching, I can guarantee an average thirteen year old will impressively learn the Koran within six months, and with just few hours a day. Among my personal blessings through the Koran is I went through the semi- traditional Koranic teaching and was never beaten to the best of my memory. My late Father, Alhagie Essa Gigo, was a well known Koranic teacher in the Gambia, taught many children and I happen to be the only one who have so far publicly claim: ‘He never beat me over Koran’. Considering how I remember him beating others over Koran and God sparing me is an evidence of God’s long favor and ch. 93 Says, ‘And proclaim the blessings of your Lord ‘. My very Father reportedly went through hell to learn the Koran. So my gratitude and conscience demand I announce my newer Koranic blessings to help save children from the hell of traditional Koranic teachings that questionable parents and governments support or indifferently watch. The Gambia’s National Development Plan (NDP) sadly condones this system of teaching Koran, but will they repent? I do not remember seeing there funding for Koranic apps, just local questionable teachers, but can the President personally sponsor this project or call his Saudi or xyz friends for this project? Senegal and Nigeria have lot more wandering children for Koranic knowledge and I wonder why should you wait for me or refuse to partner with me or my type in your respective countries? The rich Muslim folks and politicians in these countries will never send their biological children to such traditional Koranic schools, but may encourage them in very questionable ways. Muhammad Jah of QGroup is among the richest Gambians with TV, mobile Telephone company, Internet service provider and others. I am not belittling what he is doing in the name of Islam, but if he is willing to spend millions on a Mosque or questionable Koranic Recitation competition, and unwilling to ponder how my visionary blessings may be lot better, then we challenge every ‘Muhammed Jah ‘ and their competitors in every country. My point is not to beat on Mr. Jah, but for you to consult your rich folks in your countries and ask them how they should partner up with me or my type to save the children?

First Ladies Should Care for Children than questionable Adult Females: Because I was above average in learning and reciting the Koran, my father actually once thought about sending me off to more robust traditional Koranic school, but my mother (home first lady) resisted with ‘unless I pack and go with him’. So my message to Fatou Bah Barrow and all first ladies is to ask how you can help the most vulnerable children in your respective countries. Call for culture of cameras to protect girls+, but resist the sacrificing of mainly boys through this traditional Koranic schooling. Ms. Barrow should convince president Barrow or seek funding to partner up with me and/or others she trust. Upon completion and seeing over ninety percent of primary six conventional schools are reciting and explaining Koran in vivid ways than those who suffer for years, it becomes easier to convince the parents that God is with technology and not oppose to any form of learning. Our Koranic local languages will help women be better Muslims and resist any illusory hadiths through the Koran and conscience , as per ch. 91.

International Indifference to boys harm us all and Nigeria or u.s is a perfect example. For decades, you indifferently watched boys sent to these hard schools. As poverty hits and merges with indoctrination , groups like Boko Haram exists to test your hypocrisy and learning challenge. ‘Bring back our girls’ became a sweet song that even Ms. Obama sang. We condemned the about 200 girls taken as hostages+ by long ignored boys, but look at the millions of mainly males you hold or destroy in u.s and others over Cannabis, look at the millions of boys in Africa you send to these hard traditional schools and may ignore the remedies? If you smartly partner up with my type and verifiably produce millions of people learning the Koran in conventional schools and through apps , television, and other means, we can reduce or eliminate the risk of countless Boko Harams. Republican Ms. Laura Bush said, ‘America is failing the boys’, hinting on low college admission of males. Democrats, especially their females hardly care about boys, let alone male teenagers or adult males? In one of my recent articles, I called for worldwide mandatory education of up to twenty years and that will help us all than your questionable funding of female only programs. If the teenage boy knows, no way out until twenty, more will try to complete university before twenty or little after.

The Team: I can be like a project manager, showing precisely how it should be done. My helpers will have right to suggest and right to offer different brands with twists we failed to agree upon. The successful level of students will ultimately determine best ways. We will need three to twelve people with high Arabic and English level in the first phase. The Second phase demands great App programmers and video editors, plus tools like laptops . So if you happen to have such verifiable skills, you should contact me on +220 3787 999 for possible hiring or voluntary service. I am not just waiting for sponsors, if God provides enough for me, I will gladly sponsor the whole project. It can be done within six months.

Countries and local languages: Once we complete the first template in Arabic and English, repeating it in written languages like French or Portuguese is easy. Countries like Gambia will demand Wollof, Fulani, and Mandinko as first local languages, phase. Working with other African countries, we still have to consider every local language, eventually. You can imagine it will take money and gradual process. I do not want to sell the app or the rights, so only small to big donations will likely speed up the local languages aspects of this project. OIC is coming to the Gambia, Senegal, or wherever — they are sponsoring millions of dollars on roads and many things, but I challenge a caring Muslim, Christian, etc to ask how can the Muslims end painful and extremely long education of the Koran against mainly boys? We can write many controversial things, but Africans suffer the most and partly in over valuing the Arabic language, while many in Saudi Arabia now value English than average African. Since we cannot change their illusory over valuing of Arabic, we should help them learn Koran in and beyond Arabic, especially if God is revealing the means. I must admit I personally rejoice in reciting the Koran in Arabic, but understanding and applying the best of the Koran must always be seen as higher.

Global Economic Benefits : By freeing or reducing the time people spend to learn Koran, we give people time to learn other things and be more productive. We worship the God of Earth and Heavens, so we must avoid both hell and seek paradise in both worlds. Help teach your neighbours and choose the best available apps, and pray for the type I and/or others may be working on. May God rescue and elevate billions through us. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional Note:

It is a question of care, available options, and knowing how interconnected we are. Do not say your child is safe or just blame questionable parents. If we successfully do it in the Gambia, Ghana, or Nigeria, other countries will quickly copy or invite us, and we can save millions of children and possibly even their parents from sins? All the African countries with huge Muslim population have this problem and the authorities are not doing enough, they even sometimes worsen things for political gain or bad compromise . Our journalists occasionally raise the issue, but we must all work together to stop the abuse. Feel free to be indifferent, but instability can cross borders and affect you.

A small percentage of these children are orphans whose relatives failed on a challenge, but can we have more NGO or government funding of orphans, on education or beyond. Some parents are actually under the illusion that learning the hard way brings blessings. It makes no sense, because most of the Imams who learned traditionally will quote a questionable hadiths to ignore very vivid Koranic verses and conscience, especially when challenged with folks like Yahya Jammeh. Even the purpose of the Koran, many people are ignorant of. Despite repeated verses that ‘it is a favor [to raise our conscience ]’, some people think it is the main test or a fraction of it. How many Verses repeated , ‘as guide and mercy’, but many think reciting it and ignoring the guidance can still bring blessings that contradict the very Koran? When a naive parent hears on QTV or xyz, ‘one who memorises the Koran can save 70 family members from hell’, they will sacrifice a boy to illusorily save girls? The remedy is asking source, and pointing to Verses in the Koran that shows even prophets cannot save family members; verse that says, ‘He allows whom he wills in to his mercy/Jannah’, etc. You want to possibly save family member, then ‘exhort each other to truth… ‘as per ch.103. So educating the parents may be secondary, but still vital.

Gender and race seem to trigger different responses around the world. A country that have thousands of adult females roaming the streets to sell diseases and low service will trigger what response versus thousands of boys roaming in much harder ways? They are only boys or blacks who over value Arabic as After life oil? The world of the devils sacrifice boys , because the suffering Afghan girl is still better off than the dirty roaming African boy, or when will BBC, CNN, EU, or UN ever talk about a plan for these boys? Only if they were girls or start raping girls?

Christians and others will be highly encouraged to learn the Koran and help rectify Muslims who lean on Hadiths than Koran or conscience. I an not anti hadiths, but many of even the so called authentic hadiths are problematic. Go deep and deeper in Koran, and know how conscience is the first and last universal test for humans. You will want the votes of Muslims, you will be co-workers, you will also learn for your own good, and this is partly why I read the bible and other books. Part of this project can actually help shape how African languages should have universal written approach.

The App will be the main tool of this project, but koranic games, koranic cartoons, koranic graphs, etc will help beyond reading. We can have even protective interpretation that will make it harder for hypocrites to mislead our students. May the Lord realize it and bless us immensely.

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