R. Kelly throws a wild party to celebrate his own birthday in the official music video for his ?Happy Birthday?. Debuted on Friday, January 23, the visuals opens with the singer sleeping on a bed filled with some scantily-clad pretty ladies in a messy hotel room. He finally wakes up and tries to recall what happened the night before.

Viewers are then taken to a strip club where Kellz uses his phone to record some girls making out and strutting their stuff in their barely-there outfits on the pole while numerous others twerk to what he describes on Twitter as ?The Official Birthday Anthem of 2015.?


?Happy Birthday? was premiered on January 8, the day Kelly turned 48. So far, there?s no word if the song will lead to a new album.

Kelly put out his latest LP, ?Black Panties?, in 2013. He then revealed early last year that he was readying a follow-up called ?White Panties? as well as a house music album. Details on the projects are currently unknown.

? AceShowbiz.com


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