photoThey said we couldn’t bring Biafrans together, we did. They said we couldn’t buy a transmitter and we did. While they are still arguing over whether we can deliver the promised Radio Biafra signal on transmitter to our families at home and in diaspora, we landed on satellite. Negative critics, wait for more!

What we promised to deliver to our people is what Chukwu Abiama has commanded us to do: to restore our beloved republic, Biafra. The die is cast! Our land will be healed because, with this voice of truth, the spirit of the land defiled will wake up and vomit everyone who’s been complicit in the killing and destruction of our people and our land. With Radio Biafra in every home in Biafra and in the world via satellite, the dead of our land will resurrect. With Radio Biafra in every home in Biafraland, our people will begin to see between the false line of the abomination called nigeria and our freedom as indigenous people. With Radio Biafra, our people will understand the disease that is nigeria and the Hausa and Yoruba who have allowed themselves to be used to murder and enslave the children of God. And with Radio Biafra speaking to our people, Biafrans will regain their voices and speak. With Radio Biafra here reaching us all, our journey to restore Biafra will be shortened. The land and the people will reject all evil doers and our land will be sanitized. Then we will forcefully and mercilessly descend on our external enemies who insist on living through our sorrows.
Spread the news! Spread the frequency! Get free-to-air “STRONG (MYTV)” decoder and triangulate with given frequency ranges to get Radio Biafra live everywhere in the abominable nigeria and in Biafra…and even beyond.
All Indigenous People of Biafra are requested to contact their zonal and national coordinators to help them arrange for Radio Biafra to be taken to their families and friends in Biafra, nigeria and beyond.
Biafra is!

Ikechukwu Enyiagu


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