Rawlings had eyes on several women – Konadu

Wife of former President Jerry John Rawlings, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings says she would be deceiving herself to think that her husband never set his sights on other women.

Mr and Mrs Rawlings
Mr and Mrs Rawlings

According to her, she knew that some women were attracted to her husband because of his political position as then President of Ghana.

Jerry John Rawlings
Jerry John Rawlings

She said on Joy FM Tuesday morning that, ?To sit here and pretend that my husband doesn?t look at any women I think that it will be such a folly. He?s human.?

Asked if she took certain steps to keep her husband to herself, Mrs Rawlings had this to say, ?Did I do anything? I don?t know. I stayed focused and sometimes it?s like I don?t know?Madam X is there?both of them think I don?t know they exist but I know that they exist so I play it my own way.?

The former first couple have been married for the past 38 years and when asked if she still loved her husband, Nana Konadu burst out into laughter saying, ?you kind of get to know the person?s nuances, their good points, their bad points, their positive things, their negative things. You get to know the person probably more than the person knows himself or herself and so there are certain things that you don?t jump out of the window for because you understand that thing better. It doesn?t make you a brother and sister, it just makes you better.?

Speaking passionately about her husband, Nana Konadu described the former president as a very affable person, saying, ?He?s a nice person. He?s not somebody who is a bully in the house. He can be sometimes. But it?s not a permanent thing.?

She added that she found it ridiculous that people expected her to be afraid of her husband. ?Why would I fear him? Why would I be afraid of him, why would I marry a man I am afraid of? I won?t do that, he is not as people think. It?s a perception and perceptions often run deep and it?s difficult to erase it.?

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