Analyzing the former president’s speech at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) campaign launch early this week in Cape Coast on Joy fm’s current affairs programme, News file on Saturday, Oppong observed Mr. Rawlings has always said things for people to discuss him for quite a long time.

President Rawlings had at the NDC campaign launch called on members of the ruling party to restore the values of their party and not to mimic the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

But commenting on the issue, the law lecturer said, “You don’t restore something you have not lost and he (Rawlings) is now saying that right now let us take steps to restore it and so when you take the speech in its totality, which is that if you don’t restore these values now, you are not likely to win election.”

Critics of the ruling party have indicated Jerry Rawlings’s non endorsement of President John Dramani Mahama meant that the NDC founder had lost faith in the president.

“President Rawlings was at his wife’s party’s congress or is it conference. Does it mean he has endorsed two people who have given indication that when the Electoral Commission opens nomination they will all contest?

Then you see, growing up, I think one thing I’ve got from President Rawlings is that he is a consummate actor, political actor if you like. The man will always put out something and for three weeks or more than that, people will try to understand what he said and that somebody said makes him very relevant.

Nobody should have expected him to have raised President Mahama’s hand when the wife has also given an indication that she will also contest. So my point clearly is this, if you lose the fact or as I understand it that Rawlings is an actor and he will usually put people in a mood to analyze his persona and what he says, you will lose it, “Yaw Oppong observed.

He admonished the NPP and others not to draw hasty conclusions about the sayings and deeds of the former president.

Oppong said, “So sometimes, I get amused when he (Rawlings) says something that appears to be favorable to the NPP and they go to town with it. This is not a person and I have a lot of respect for him that you should always expect that, to put it bluntly… that your expectations about him will be met, no and therefore he speaks in a way to leave something in a vacuum for you to feel it.

Mustapha Hamid, spokesperson for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on the same programme emphasized the former president’s comments indicates he was disappointed with the ruling party.

“He (Rawlings) talks about the values that motivated him and some of his people perhaps to, if you want to undertake the 1979 coup and perhaps the 1981 coup which is the direct antecedent to the NDC. He has always consistently through 1979 been talking about…he has a certain phrase he calls it ‘moral fiber’ which is anchored on truth and therefore he is disappointed that the NDC has completely abandoned that principle and is on a trajectory of falsehood, deceit, selfishness, corruption etc.

I’m saying that Jerry Rawlings is saying that the NDC is purported to have been established on the principles of truth, accountability and integrity. If somebody says that we built this party on the principles of truth, integrity and accountability and is now saying that you have departed from all these principles, what are the antonyms or opposites of truth, integrity and accountability? The opposite of these things are untruth, deceit and lack of integrity, naked stealing of state resources, corruption etc.,” Hamid emphasized.

A Deputy Minister for Education and member of the NDC 2016 campaign team, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa enumerated a number of projects undertaken by the John Mahama led government and observed the NDC welcomed the discussion on values.

He stated, “I welcome the discussion on values and leadership, I welcome that and if that is what the 2016 campaign will be about, Ghanaians will vote for a party that shows greater values. Enditem.

Source: Francis Tandoh/News Ghana



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