The??Kwabre East??Constituency Chairman of??the NDC, Alhaji??Awal??Aziz??has observed that the political??acumens??of??former President Rawlings??is very irreplaceable??to??extent other political parties?wished??he could be part of them.?He said??aside??his??personality which makes him crowd??puller, he is equally??a gem in the governing??party??who needs to be accorded??with the deserved???respect.

?I?m grateful that our father??has??put many??persons to ?shame, it was??appropriate that he to take part in the congress,??it is time for us to move??on, ?perfectly??harmoniously right from here,???he said.

Alhaji?Aziz speaking to this reporter?described Mr. Rawlings as a man of???principle, virtues and?above all?one who speaks???his??mind when??he feels things??are not done in the right ways.

He charged those who??have been using sort of unpalatable words??against the former??first??gentleman??on the land??to??have??a change of mind??as the??posture of???him (Rawlings)????clearly??pointed???out his willingness to be part???of the campaign trill of the party .

?Let?s continue to sustain what???took place here today, it was imperative and a great sight of relief?to?members of this party right from the root?to the top???the need?to?accord each other???the?deserved respect,????he noted.

The Constituency chairman further opined?????that???dissemination of information concerning activities of the party and the government???in general, should be?done by only those who are in charge.

This, he??believed would??help to minimize??the problem of conflicting??information about government?s activities??and??that of the party.

Alhaji Aziz???hoped??that??President??Maham would by all means??attain??the??ultimate??goal??of the??party???which??is winning the elections, ?I must say, President Mahama is like Joshua??who took?over from Moses??and led the Israelites???to the promised land.??He is?a person in whom??I have an absolute??faith and confidence??that??he would???live??by??the legacies of his predecessor?Professor Mills to rule the country.?

According?to the chairman, the NDC?in????its three?years,?has laid???a fortified?foundation??of national development???and what is left now??for the electorate is to give??him??the second endorsement in December to build on the foundation.????What???policies and programmes do???the NPP people want to implement?again, because?this government?has???completed??most of the things they were touting??as their???agenda??for the country,? he quizzed.


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