Deputy Local Government Minister Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah said, he shares the view with former president Jerry Rawlings that some people who played no apart in the NDC?s struggle to win power in 2008 became key members of the Mills government.

According to him, although some of the people who are now playing key roles in the government were not seen publicly campaigning for the party, when the times get tough, and that there were others who didn?t earn their positions ?but worked harder fot the NDC to assume power.

It could be recalled that Former president Rawlings, speaking at the Special National Delegates? Congress of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) to endorse president John Mahama as the party?s flag-bearer for the 2012 elections, complained that whilst he and others worked tirelessly and spent sleepless nights to ensure the party won the last elections, others who were cosying up in their air-conditioned rooms or outside the country turned up when the party won power and were given positions.

He said if president Mahama was to win the elections, he would need to get such people to join the campaign and work hard.

However, Hon?Afriyie Ankrah said on Newsfile, a Joy Fm programme that he, agrees with him Rawlings. “I agree with him?totally?that it is about time everybody got on board and that those times when people will sit somewhere and take it easy in their homes and some people will go round and go and work hard and campaign and when we win power they surface, that should be a thing of the past.?


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