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BIAFRA LIBERATION? IN EXILE (BILIE).????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 25th June, 2012



ALADINMA?? welcomes? BILIE?s offer of collaboration and? commends BILIE?s? efforts towards a structured response to Nigeria?s unceasing aggression on the Igbo.

We note that BILIE?s intervention was conceived against the background of the reality of the time when there was no prospect of engaging Nigeria squarely to free the Igbo and other nations entrapped in the fatalistic British experiment called Nigeria, therefore the need to constantly raise alarm and seek legal redress on behalf of the dead and the injured and generally hold Nigeria accountable before the world community for continuing serial atrocities visited on freedom agitators. The UN registration also has its use to keep the Biafra Question on the radar. This, according to your letter, was? to cover the many loop-holes dogging the struggle. The question then arises as to what the grand design was for the struggle beyond propaganda,? grandstanding a one-sided unnecessary bloodbath frequently occasioned by engagements with ruthless state security agencies.

However, in the face of a new reality as disclosed by the ALADINMA Position, whereby a concrete, verifiable, irreversible pursuit? is on to dismantle the monster Nigeria altogether by delegitimizing it,? thereby freeing the entrapped nationalities, including the Igbo/Biafra (whatever the map of Biafra? BILIE may present), the least that should happen is an adjustment of BILIE?S original game-plan to align with this new reality especially when the impact of the ALADINMA engagement design has visibly plunged Nigeria into the throes of certain demise.

By way of information, our engagement with the so-called 1999 Constitution was not to assert or claim any rights under it. We only went to court to expose it (the Constitution) as forgery and a fraud thereby destroying it as a valid title-deed by which Nigeria could hold on to our (Igbo/Biafra) territory, exercising governmental power/authority therein and also incapacitating Nigeria from challenging the inevitable exit of any bloc since that Constitution is the sole legal instrument by which the Nigerian Union is held in place.

If BILIE can find a lawyer with even the most basic knowledge of jurisprudence, that lawyer will explain to you that even without any court pronouncement, the moment a document is shown to be a forgery (like we have shown the 1999 Constitution to self-evidently be), such a document loses its life and ceases to be valid source of any entitlement, in this instance, governmental power and authority. It is like identifying a forged cheque.

In going to court, we have achieved precisely that exposition and have since plunged Nigeria into a terminal cataclysm in which federating units are now rambunctiously but legitimately waltzing their way out of the failed Union, the Yoruba being a case in point as they raised their National Flag, Anthem and Coat-of-Arms? in February 2012. The lawyers you have appear to be fixated in their thought that a constitution is invincible.

It is against this background that ALADINMA and its Change Partners, (LNC and others as MNN) on the 30th of June 2011, declared the demise of the Nigerian Union and proclaimed the emergence of four prospective Federations, including the LOWER NIGER FEDERATION (Biafra of July 1967 plus the ethnics of former Mid-Western Region, today?s so-called South-East and South-South). See broken map attached to Sept. 5 document.

The attached WIC letter will show the 5-clear steps outlined to reach the goal of independence. We have finished 3 steps 100%. We are now on the 4th step commenced June 30th 2011 and which will end with an internal Referendum (ie not to be conducted by Abuja or any of its agents, States ), in readiness for the UN requirements on such matters . The 5th step will commence once a majority of our peoples vote yes for our position,? just as BILIE has done in its letter of 20th? June 2012. The sharia violence brings some urgency to it.

Now to the subject of modalities for collaboration and referring specifically to item 7 of your 8-point Declaration,? ALADINMA has put on the ?table a clear road-map, 70% accomplished, to destination, liberty. In terms of collaboration, we say, if anyone has a better plan package, we shall be happy to evaluate same and possibly embrace it. But if there be none, it stands to reason that all available energies are better pooled into one massive machinery. It is not about ALADINMA or LNC or MNN. No. It is about all hands being on deck to drive the process of liberation through without the usual distraction of whose name or platform stands in front. Let ideas lead, not persons per se. Let roles undertaken define the place of organizations, not allocations.

It is in this light that ALADINMA will propose to BILIE that collaboration must start with a definition of goal: is it to pursue legal redress against Nigeria for its many continuing infractions against our people or to? extinguish Nigeria as a strategy for freeing our portion. In other words, do we seek to punish and embarrass Nigeria or do we seek the quick demise of Nigeria. ALADINMA?s?? choice is clear and therefore any collaboration must be a function of that choice, otherwise precious energy will be wasted pursuing the mopping of Nigeria?s evil water on our space forever instead of turning off the tap, Nigeria,? that floods Igboland with evil water.

This same arguments go for all other organizations that seek collaboration with us on this Project. There is more than enough work, waiting to be done by anyone or group that comes along but the first thing is to agree on what has to be done. The how and who are easier to fix. Since? BILIE? already accepts ALADINMA?s diagnosis and treatment plan, the next thing is to take up the role or roles it can play.

As a mark of complete agreement with the ALADINMA Position, and as a strategy to overwhelm the noisy agents of Nigeria in Igboland, ALADINMA will require BILIE (and any other collaborating organization) to sponsor the publication of the ALADINMA position in one Nigerian? national daily newspaper indicating itself as the sponsor (e.g by adding a bold last-line like COURTESY OF BILIE.) The text of the ALADINMA Position as attached, can be sent to any national daily of your choice for publication by way of an advertorial. By this strategy, we hope to quickly create a bandwagon and momentum that will mass our people behind our position before the politicians regroup in their self-seeking compromise that has kept us in bondage in Nigeria all these years.? Thank you for your interest and support for the ALADINMA Position.

TONY NNADI ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????NNAMDI OHIAGU

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