RE- Bono East Regional Minister/MP, Atebubu Amantin Constituency Boys Attack Two NDC Constituency Executives.


The Communication desk of NPP, Atebubu Amantin constituency wish to react to a press release that came from the Atebubu Amantin constituency, NDC.

Their press release accused the Bono East Regional Minister/MP, Atebubu Amantin of hiring some party thugs to unleash violence on two of their constituency executive members,namely; Usif Alhassan(NDC Constituency Organizer) and Francis Nando(Constituency secretary,NDC).

In their statement,the NDC , Atebubu Amantin accused the member of parliament of engaging his thugs to attack the mentioned executives,who have sustained some series of injuries.

We wish to make it known to the general public that Regional Minister/MP has not contracted any group of party thugs to be involved in the said allegation.

The general public is hereby informed to treat all these frivolous allegations being perpetrated by the NDC to tarnish the hard won reputation of our adorable Regional Minister/MP as blatant, orchestrated and untrue.

The NDC on Wednesday 1st July,2020,on their mission to monitor the various polling stations, specifically at Presby Primary ‘A’ school observed that the NPP agent was challenging some registrants.

The NDC executives led by their organizer protested vehemently and vent their anger on the NPP agent,sparked an attack on him.

The NPP Constituency Youth Organizer,TawficAdam questioned the NDC organizer on his attitude.

The NDC Organizer,Mr. Usif Alhassan ,alias U – PHONES,at that moment slapped Mr. Tawfic Adam on the face and the unsuing made him to step back in which he fell down together with the NDC Constituency secretary,Mr
Francis Nando,who was also standing without knowing he was falling in his direction.

In the said struggle,the NDC supporters around ,attacked the NPP party agent, Danjumah Mustapha and the Constituency youth organizer,Tawfic Adam.

They sustained some injuries and went to the Atebubu Municipal Police Command Office to Lodge a report ,after which they were handed a police report form to seek medical care at the Atebubu Government Hospital.

The NDC Constituency executives upon hearing the victims were at the police station,hurriedly,followed in same issue and wrote their side of the case.

They were equally given police medical report form for medical care.

At the hospital,one of the NDC hoodluns insulted Dr. Boateng one of the medical Doctors at the hospital of being a foolish man,various forms of abusive words and threats was meted on the medical Doctor,it took a quick intervention of one of the medical staff who prevented the NDC thug from striking the Doctor,the Doctor in question quickly got to his heels and locked himself in the theater room.

To these NDC boys ,still not satisfied in their agenda for the day went to the Municipal Police station and destroyed windows /Louvre blades.

The assailant is currently at large.

It will be recalled that the Bono East Regional secretary of NDC and once a personal aid to Sanja Nanja,Shamsudeen Ali, in March this year came out with a video ,in which he was seen fuming that even if the voter registration happens,they will stop the exercise in Bono East Region of which Atebubu Amantin cannot be exempted.

We hereby attach the video as part of our press release.

The NPP in Atebubu Amantin constituency,likewise the entire nation,believe in the rule of law and cannot do anything to derail the registration process.
It is rather the agenda of the NDC to denigrate the Hon. kofi Amoakohene.

The NPP , Atebubu Amantin is a law abiding political party and will not do anything to destabilize the registration process.

In conclusion,we want to humbly call on the security agencies to allow the laws to take it’s course, arrest the perpetrators to serve as deterrent .

Thank you for your attention.


Eric Koranteng
Communications Director
NPP, Atebubu Amantin


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