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Whereas Ghanaians are painfully complaining that they are the worst affected by the almost two years frustrating and agonizing power crisis in the World, accounts on the energy problem in other countries prove otherwise.?

John Mahama
John Mahama

Reports from other developed countries and economies indicate that despite the frequent power outages in Ghana which has brought untold hardship to the citizenry and crippling businesses the situation in Nigeria, South Africa, Venezuela and Philippines among other countries is nothing but worse.

An account on the power situation by a Ghanaian, Suhuyini Yaalana, who recently visited Nigeria, show that major cities in the country regarded as Africa?s most populous nation enjoy light for only five hours.

Even more worrying is the fact that unlike Ghana where President John Dramani Mahama and his National Democratic Congress have outlined bold measures to tackle the disturbing problem once and for all, the case of Nigeria is the direct opposite.

The situation in South Africa, which is considered Africa?s most successful and developed, is even more frightening.

Reports from South African reveal that the state-owned power firm Eskom has been struggling to keep the lights on since November last year with consumer demand repeatedly eclipsing supply.

The case of Philippines and Venezuela is no different from Nigeria and South Africa. The situation in Philippines has become so frustrating to the extent that authorities in that country were compelled to cut electricity supply to ?save power? ahead of the time to watch the May 2 fight between Philippines native Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Read below Suhuyini Yaalana?s account on the power crisis in Nigeria ?

Just returned from Nigeria and the extent of the power crisis there, is enough to thank H.E. JDM?s administration for the level and the extent to which He managed the power sector. Can you imagine staying in the darkness for 6 months and not even a single day will you wake up to see light.

Places like Abuja, Legos, Onitcha, Port Harcourt, and few other cities normally enjoy electricity for only 5 hours a day and that is when NEPA which is ECG, VRA and GRIDCO in Ghana want to collect bills.
The sound of generators otherwise known in the Nigerian local parlance as ?Gen? in all the states in the country cannot be over emphasised.

And in the midst of all these challenges there is no further plans to curb the situation, unlike Ghana where H.E. JDM has made plans for both short and long-term capital investments in the energy sector.

Talk of Amandi, Jacobson, General Electric 1,200 mgw to be completed in 2017/18, the 7 billion dollars deal with ENI to produce oil and gas at cape three point(Sankofa and Gyenyeme ) 1,100mgw capacity of power, completion of Sonum-Asogli thermal plant with 350mgw, The commissioning of gas at the Atuabo Gas Plant,(first time in the history of this country), 2mgw of solar energy in Navarongo, SADA 40mgw of solar energy and the coming in of the ermegency power barges in September.

If Nigerians have all these plans towards providing solutions to their long outstanding power crisis by the leadership the whole of Nigeria would have been singing praises for the federal states governor.

God bless you president Mahama at least Ghana is better off and equally ahead of our sister countries.

Source: Suhuyini Yaalana?, The Al-Hajj


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