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With AFReading, reading becomes alive, as new novels published are released in a continuing or developing pattern in order to engage the reader and create anticipation for subsequent chapters. This makes reading fun for the reader.

Nevertheless, AFReading also has a larger array of fully published novels which readers can enjoy from start to finish at their own pace.

AFReading has many of its novels carved from English tales with inclusions of exciting concepts such as Kung Fu, Magic, and Adventure.

However, every Novel published on AFReading goes through a thorough selection to identify similarities in culture and preferences between the background or origin of the story, and the target market or readers.

This is to maintain a global appeal and appreciation for great and fun stories. Simply put, stories on AFReading are universally appealing; even to the African audience.

This is evident in the subject matters of some of the stories which are not alien to African readers such as Betrayal, Superstition, Love, Bravery, and so on.

Therefore, AFReading can be considered as African and of African relevance with purposes of entertaining, educating, and inspiring.

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