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Reading Pleasure: Shatta Wale Vs Samini – Who Remains The Biggest Artiste?



Lol lately on twitter & other social platforms?the undying & ending comparison between HighGrade Family Boss, Samini and Shatta Movement Family Boss, Shatta Wale.

Well this issue?isn?t as complicated as fans make it seem?especially on twitter, what makes you a?successful artist? Thats the question being?ignored by people while making this?comparison basically ?my opinion? of a?successful artist is based on ?awards? ?fan?base? ?hit songs? etc. So lets compare based?on these.

Awards : Formerly?BatMan (Samini) as he?s fondly called by fans?has been in the industry for 14years?now, wow thats big.

10 years of consistency?isn?t easy & all through these years he?s?bagged in all a total of several awards which?includes..

i) 2006 MOBO Awards ? Best African Act

ii) 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards ? Best Performer

iii) 2007 African Magic Artiste of the Year

1v) 2007 Ghana Music Awards ? Record of the Year?

v) 2007 Ghana Music Awards ? Artiste of the Year

vi) 2007 Radio Song of the year

vii 2004 Ghana Music Awards ? Two Awards

viii) 2011 Channel O Awards

ix) 2014 IRAWMA ?Best African Performer? Award

x) 2013 Bass Awards ? Kwame Nkrumah?Award (Artiste Of The Year)

x1) 2013 Bass Awards -Best Performer (Reggae/Dancehall)

xii) 2013 Bass Awards ? Best Dancehall Artiste

xiii) E.T.C

?and also nominations from 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards 2006 ? Best African Act, 2008 MTV Africa Music Awards ? Best Performer, 2014 Afrimma Awards, Black Canadian Awards 2014, VGMA 2014, IRWM Awards, BASS Awards, MOAMA Awards, 2014 Ghana DJ Awards which in total sums to 41. Currently CEO of his own famous HighGrade Family



Bandana (Shatta Wale) has been in the?industry for 10 years & his active years (mainstream) is 2012 till now so lets say just 2 years but to be honest he?s not doing well to impress us with awards and nominations though he has been rocking stages almost every week both in Ghana and outside the country.

The?songwriter, singer & producer has few awards?to his name: he has..

i) 2014 Ghana Music Awards ? Artiste Of The Year

ii) 2014 Ghana Music Awards ? Song Of The Year

iii) 2014 Ghana Music Awards ? Most Popular Song

iv) E.T.C

Surprisingly, he has less than 5 different nominations.


Fan Base.

Now this is a very difficult part between both?artists, they both have die hard fans ready to?do anything no matter how crazy. You can?hardly see any of them anywhere in?Ghana, Africa?or any part of the world even some?major places in the world without them being?mobbed hardly.


The two of them can drop a?song whenever & the response will be too?massive both on air & off air, but recently I think Shatta Wale?s fan base keeps increasing?daily like every song he drops is like fuel to?his already existing flame. Some argue?the reason is because of Samini is always riding on the ?COVER? of already hit songs.

Well I don?t see how this even?relates, the?HigGrade Boss dropped one song recently & it didn?t do well . Hopefully the Samini we used to know will be resurrected.

Hit Singles.

Again another difficult category ,the HigGrade Boss has mad crazy singles to his name??Linda? ?? ?Cum Again? ?Time Bomb? ?Gang up? ?? ?Scatter Badmind ? ?Money Biz? ?Too Bad? etc . These songs were all big hit?songs, club bangers & gained maddddd?airplay with two good videos to match.


While?Shatta Wale has song extremely good songs?too,not just good songs but some were?anthems in the streets & the media for a?long time from ?Anastasia, ?Bandana From Ghana???Dancehall King ?Cant Touch Me, Wine Your Waist? ?Mi A Evil ?Enter The Net???Party All Night? Korlegono Na Mi Homneland? & recently ?Dancehall Commando Remix were all huge songs big anthems undeniably and truth is Shatta Wale?s ?dancehall king? is undeniably bigger?than any track Samini ever made . But?irrespective Samini paved the way for him?(Shatta Wale) who is also paving the way for others?now including D2, Pope Skinny, etc.


So Who?s a better & bigger?artist?????????????

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