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Reality Unchecked Shadow People


Shadow people, all of the humanity has either been removed or were really never there.? Never developed.? Never nurtured.? Never guided into the beginnings of actualization.? Only the shadow of what might be a person, remains.? Mastering the art of daylight.? I can stand the light.? I am still immune to each day?s sounds.?

??????????? Surrender?? To what?? Nothingness.? Oblivion was the sweetest of verbs, the most welcome state of being.? No feelings means no joy and no pain.? The trade is so simple.? Whether it be ten dollars, one hundred dollars, a blow job, a life, a home, a car ? the transaction of either of these items would bring all the nothingness the whole in your being can bear.
??????????? What lives in the dark?? Nothing.? There is no life worth seeing and the darkness covers all the creatures, mercifully for all of us.? One should only view these things from the safe distance of the grocery store checkout line.? But then, you would miss the message of money not being our greatest separation.? The Science of the Or makes men and ladies every second.
??????????? Now.? I?m here with you in the light.? You who used to be my prey.? I could still do it.? But I have no desire to do you.? I have taken so much from you and each possession gave me a greater yearning for my own personal heaven.
Source:?La Vonda R. Staples
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