The missing tree planted in the White House grounds last week by U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron has been proved to be actually in quarantine.

“It is in quarantine which is mandatory for any living organism imported to the U.S.. It will be replanted afterwards,” tweeted French Ambassador to the United States Gerard Araud on Monday.

He also said its roots “were enclosed in a plastic protection” and “remained carefully isolated.”

The tree would be inspected for parasites, which could spread to other trees nearby if left unchecked, according to a CNN report.

The oak sapling was brought by Macron to Trump as a gift, and Washington media flocked to the South Lawn of the White House to snap photos as the two heads of state ceremoniously shoveled dirt onto it a week ago.

However, the tree was gone from the lawn over the weekend and news photographers took a shot of the pale patch of grass left in its place.

The oak came from Belleau Wood in northeast France, where about 2,000 American soldiers died in a World War I battle.

Its disappearance has become an internet sensation with mounting speculation about the tree’s fate. Enditem


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