Reasons Why Obama should not give us EBOLA VACCINE

unnamedI read where people prayed President Obama of USA to grant the request of our Health minister and send us as matter of Urgency ,the vaccine they developed that helped to stabilize those 3 Americans infected by the virus.
Then i read where America said they will not and i agree with AMERICANS on this ?…before you start spitting in my direction ,just wait and hear me out,,,
Years ago ,this same Americans invented HIV to help and put Africans in a sorry state ,they experimented with it in UGANDA and Kenya ,well it came ,it stayed and it killed us in droves but the good news is that American Men and Women love SEX the same way Nigerians love US DOLLARS ,so American men and women who can have sex with DUCK,SNAKE,RABBIT,TORTOISE,DOG,HORSE,MONKEY ,CHIMPANZEE ,LEPROSY PATIENT,GRAND MOTHER…I will not count having sex with same Sex which they ?ANGLICANIZED to HOMOSEXUAL AND LESBINISM ,that will be story for another day ,so this children of faggots came to same Uganda and start jerking off with anything that have hole ,no matter the position of the hole,suddenly they exported the same AMERICAN CREATION back to America and that was how they started working over night and invented the stabilizer of that dreaded virus,after producing it ,they swore with WHITE HOUSE that they cannot sale or give it to Africans ,that you must be an American to get access to it ,we did not argue ,we waited and when they cure 5 Americans another 15 will come to Africa and contract and contact same.
FREELY WE RECEIVED AND FREELY WE GIVE IT BACK TO THEM and it continue going round the world.Then they woke up at late stage and made the vaccine available free of charge.
Today we are begging them to send us the EBOLA VACCINE and they keep on acting like children of EBOLA ,we are not worried ,we are sitting by the side of dry wood ignited fire before Harmatan get to us ,we have been sitting and eating ?birds killed by bird flu before they discovered that it kills them.So if they refused to give us this vaccine ,they should understand that our AFRICA GENE are stronger than Caucasians and what take 7 days to kill one of us will take 8 hours to wipe out a village in Europe and America.
The Americans and Europeans should understand that any thing that afflict Africans will definitely get back to them ,so when we sneeze ,they should run and get us ANTI SNEEZE SERUM ,if we suffer constipation ,they should thank God and send us a big batch of the drug and if they say HELL NO ,we will not contest because we have this adage that says “do not throw stone into the market place for your relation may have dashed into it to make a purchase”.
Dear American,s you have only 3 Ebola victims and you think it start and stop with the 3 ? ,do not worry ,by the time the numbers of the cases in Africa gets higher ,you will have your numbers multiply as well and we will be happy to help and export victims toward your SEX HUNGRY men and Women.
Mazi Odera
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