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Reckless move to push for “Taiwan independence” will inevitably lead to severe punishment

Peoples Daily
Peoples Daily

By People’s Daily

In a speech on May 20, the leader of the Taiwan region trumpeted separatist fallacies such as “sovereign independence,” “non-subordination between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits,” and “self-determination of Taiwan residents.” 

He also begged for support from external forces, trying to promote the “internationalization of the Taiwan question” and continuing to seek “Taiwan independence” by relying on foreign countries and by force.

This complete confession of “Taiwan independence” was full of hostility, provocation, lies and deception, reflecting an even more radical and risky stance on “Taiwan independence.” Such a reckless move will inevitably lead to severe punishment and accelerate the collapse of separatist forces seeking “Taiwan independence.”

People on both sides of the Taiwan Straits share the same bloodline, culture and history. They belong to the same Chinese nation and are of the same family enjoying kinship and offering mutual assistance.

The over-5,000-year history of the Chinese nation saw successive generations of ancestors move and settle down in Taiwan and people from across the Strait fight side by side to recover the island from foreign invaders. Be it in legal or factual terms, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China.

Pursuing “independence” and private political gains, the leader of the Taiwan region touted the so-called “two states” theory and tried to legitimize “Taiwan independence.” He even denied his Chinese heritage. The actions are disgraceful betrayals of the nation and the ancestors.

History has proved that those who forget their heritage, betray their motherland, and seek to split the country will come to no good end; they will be nailed to the pillar of shame in history, disdained by the people and condemned by history.

China’s complete reunification is an evitable trend. It is where the greater national interest lies, and it is what the people desire. The Chinese nation has a common belief that the territory is indivisible, the country cannot be destabilized, the nation cannot be separated, and the civilization cannot be broken. A strong and unified nation has always been the pillar upon which the future of all the Chinese people, including compatriots in Taiwan, depends.

Taiwan is China’s Taiwan. Safeguarding China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is the common obligation of all Chinese people, the Taiwan compatriots included. No “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces should make Taiwan secede from China under any name or by any means.

From the very beginning of his tenure, the leader of the Taiwan region cannot help but to expose his true colors as an advocate for “Taiwan independence,” brazenly inciting “anti-China” sentiments. What he said and did completely go against the mainstream public opinion in the Taiwan region in favor of peace not war, development not decline, communication rather than separation, and cooperation instead of confrontation.

This has exacerbated tensions across the Taiwan Strait, pushing Taiwan towards an even more dangerous position. It severely challenges the common faith of the Chinese nation and the common will of the Chinese people.

The complete reunification of China is an unstoppable trend. Those who seek “Taiwan independence” will only find themselves on a road leading to a dead end.

No one desires more than the Chinese people do to achieve national reunification through peaceful means. China is ready to create vast space for peaceful reunification; but it will leave no room for separatist activities in any form. 

No one should underestimate the great resolve, the strong will, and the extraordinary ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity. China will never tolerate, connive with, or show any mercy to separatist acts in any form. The more the separatist provocations escalate, the more resolute and forceful the country’s countermeasures will become.

As a Chinese saying goes, a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust one finds little support. Recently, political dignitaries and people from various sectors have reaffirmed their commitment to the one-China principle and expressed firm support for China’s just cause of opposing “Taiwan independence” separatism and striving for national reunification. This fully demonstrates that with each provocation by the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces, the international community’s consensus on upholding the one-China principle becomes even stronger.

The one-China principle cannot be violated. Separatist attempts for “Taiwan independence” are doomed to fail. The general trend of China’s reunification is irreversible. The Democratic Progressive Party authorities and leaders’ attempt to separate Taiwan from the motherland is nothing but a pipe dream, like ants trying to shake a giant tree. In the end, they will only face utter failure and wreck their own reputation.

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