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Adventurers and thrill-seekers love to record their exploits and share it with their friends and family. The rise of the Internet, and video sharing websites, has allowed people to record and share their experiences with everyone around the globe. However, as the adventures get more extreme, recording them becomes a difficult and often arduous task. In order to meet the demands of this growing consumer base, manufacturers have started producing cameras and accessories, specifically with the intention of surviving extreme usage.

 For a long period of time, the only cameras good enough to record high-quality videos for sporting purposes were solely accessible to Hollywood and TV production companies. The major hindrance in purchasing these cameras was the price factor; it was almost impossible for an individual to buy these high- quality cameras for personal use.

Over time, as demand for these kind of cameras increased, manufacturers put all their efforts into producing models that could be mass-produced and retailed for a reasonable price. Thanks to many developments and breakthroughs in the camera industry, it is now possible to buy an almost unbreakable professional quality camera, for a fraction of the price of a D-SLR.

 Similar developments have also been made in the field of camera accessories. Some of the earlier do-it-yourself camera mounts involved rubber-bands and sticky-tape. Not only were they unable to provide a stable enough platform to record, there was the constant risk of your camera flying off your bike or surfboard, to its demise. Along with releasing more rugged cameras, manufacturers also devised better mounting devices and frames. These mounts provide excellent stability and keep the camera secure. Swivelling arms allow the camera to be pointed in any direction, while making sure it doesn’t spin out of control when jerked around.

 A major development in video recording and playback has been the advent of high-definition (HD). Manufacturers, like GoPro, have been quick to jump onto the HD bandwagon and release new HD models, such as the GoPro HD Hero and the HD Hero2. The best thing about the new models is their versatility; a single camera can be used for recoding various adventure sports. One simply has to buy the right kind of mounts from the manufacturer to ensure that the camera can easily be adapted onto a different mount. For example, an individual may have purchased a camera with a mount for motorsports. In order to mount the camera on a surfboard, they only have to buy the surf edition mounts, instead of purchasing an entirely new camera. This kind of versatility has made these cameras extremely popular, since they represent excellent value for money.

 Despite the lower prices, manufacturers have avoided stripping any features away from the cameras. They are outfitted with HD LCD screens that allow on-the-spot review of the recorded material. They are also designed to accept standard memory cards, as used by regular cameras, in order to ensure that post-purchase expenses are kept to a minimum.

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