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Register and help Kick Incompetent NPP Out – Alhaji Sinare

A voter registers at a polling station in Dakar, Senegal, on July 31, 2022. Senegal kicked off legislative elections at 8 a.m. Sunday (local time and GMT) to elect 165 new deputies to the National Assembly for a five-year term across national territory and abroad. (Photo by Dieylani Seydi/Xinhua)
A voter registers

The immediate Past National Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Said Sinare has urged the Ghanaians especially the youth who are turning 18 to participate in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise taking place at district offices.

According to the Former Ghana’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt under the erstwhile NDC administration, Alhaji Sinare charged the rank and file of the party notably the Executives to move out of their comfort zones and support Ghanaians and not to be intimated by the tyrant and clueless governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He reiterated that absolutely no individual, security apparatus, even not the Electoral Commission of Ghana can overturn the verdict of election 2024, affirming that John mahama will win convincingly.

He further stated that the majority of Ghanaians have missed the NDC and calling for a change in this current government so the EC , police, military shouldn’t dare to suppress the will of the people.

Alhaji Sinare stressed that, Dr Bawumia and the entire NPP led administration since 2016 had peddled lies to cover up the mismanagement of the economy, adding that Dr Bawumia is utterly incompetent leader who lacks vision and has no credibility rendering him unqualified to steer the affairs of the country.

He divulged that, after seven years of ascending to the highest throne of land, the elephant fraternity has no ideological identity, no policy coherence absolutely no track records interms of developments and zero pragmatic measures to address the plights of Ghanaians.

Emphasizing the Ghana’s requirements for a visionary leader with all round track records, Alhaji Sinare underscored the importance and quality of leadership within the NDC, asserting that the party led by John mahama have the capacity to positively influence the country’s political trajectory.

He said John mahama has the locus and ability to address the economic situation in the country if the NDC secures victory in the forthcoming general elections.

“Mahama is readily ready to restore Ghana back to it’s glorious path”

He appealed to Ghanaians to reject Npp with their lies and deciets thus vote massively for NDC come December 7, 2024.

The founder of Zongo for NDC, Alhaji Sinare a workholic and fearless seasoned politician with Rawlings spirit cautioned the NPP not trade on using illegal means to win the 2024 elections because the party will meet the NPP squarely for Mahama’s Victory.

He appealed to Ghanaians to vote massively for NDC and John mahama, affirming that mahama has the propensity of recscuing the country from the economic shackles of the inept governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

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