Registered, Certified Online Shops To Get Trust Mark

Paul Asinor
Paul Asinor

The E-Commerce Association of Ghana is to introduce a trust mark for all registered and certified online shops to make online trading secure.

It said the trust mark to be introduced in a few months would serve as a seal of trust when people shopped online.

Mr Paul Asinor, the Executive Director of the E-Commerce Association of Ghana, told the Ghana News Agency that the trust mark would also assure online buyers of safe shops to buy from.

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services over the internet with the use of computers, tablets and smart phones.

The E-commerce Association of Ghana is the industry association of the country’s online retail, formed to set standards and encourage best practices in Ghana’s E-Commerce.

The Association includes stakeholders in the E-commerce, comprising online merchants and marketplaces, payment gateways, Internet Service Providers, FinTechs, cyber security companies, major stakeholders in the country’s digital economy and courier companies.

Mr Asinor said online businesses would have to pass criteria of checks such as their registration with the Registrar General’s Department, working address, customer reviews and return policy, to certify their credibility.

‘‘We are doing this because we want the industry to grow in a very thriving environment where we are not always hearing that someone who went to shop online have been duped, or one way or the other have lost out,’’ he added.

The Executive Director said the Association sought to make online retail safer, faster and boost confidence in the E-Commerce sector.

He said it also aimed at building, promoting and creating a thriving environment for both online shoppers and buyers.

‘‘We work with local and international partners to reduce cyber insecurity,’’ Mr Asinor added.

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