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Rejoinder: Akosombo Dam Spillage: Western Togoland Activists Are Mocking Us – Okudzeto Ablakwa

Dam spillage
Dam spillage

Okudzeto Ablakwa, you are a lost cause of your so-called Ghana project and be wise.

Ghana what project? Who started it? When? And for what reason? You are a laughing stock to not only those who know we are not Ghanaians but also to those steadfastly fighting to get their ancestors’ ARMED-ROBBED NATION BACK.

We thought you had a university degree, and therefore should be able to read and understand basic documentary evidence.

You are embarrassing yourself big time. Very soon, and I mean very soon, you will be in the company of bats, neither belonging to mammals nor birds! Can you show me ONE document that made Western Togoland a LEGAL PART OF GHANA ON MARCH 6, 1957? Have you read the Ghana Independence Act? Which part of Western Togoland was declared in it as a territory to be independent under Ghana? Have you read the telegram by the then colonial governor Allan Noble Clarke to the UN Secretary General on March 5/6 1957 about Gold Coast being independent Ghana? Was any part of Westen Togoland stated as the territories under the Queen that were independent Ghana? What did he say concerning Western Togoland (The UN Territory Under Britain)? Did he not say he formed a UNION between them as mandated by UN RESOLUTION 1044(XI) of 13 Dec1956? Is it not at least two sovereign nations that form a political UNION? Is Western Togoland a sovereign nation on March 5/6 1957 to form a union with a sovereign nation Ghana?

Was he truthful? Can you show me the Union Agreement and the UNION CONSTITUTION? Who signed them? Did Ghana not vote on July 12, 1956 to be a UNITARY nation, thus blocking the way for a POLITICAL UNION? Do you want to go back to school to learn and understand these facts?

Mr. Okudzeto, you are just trying to protect your job and your dying party, because with Western Togoland as an independent sovereign nation, that is the end of your party’s Voter Bank and hence its demise. Wisdom should tell you that you will be better and more appreciated as a politician in your own home country than a foreign nation(Ghana). So you and all your fellow Western Togoland politicians should advise yourselves and humble yourselves to apologize to Western Togoland Freedom Fighters whose freedoms you have abused and whose deaths you have caused to date.

Bobby Quaqoo is a freelance journalist and an African in the Diaspora and Western Togoland Freedom Fighter.

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